Nice to Meet You

Just as all meetings are awkward (for an awkward girl like me, at least) writing this first blog post results in sweating and an increased heart rate.  Luckily for me, I can at least employ backspace here to cut down on the rambling…not that it helps that much.  Apparently.

My baby blog is coming into my life at an opportune time.  Having just gotten back to Wisconsin after a month-long trip to Denmark to visit my boyfriend and meet his family for the first time (the reason that awkward meetings comes to mind), I’m starting to finish up my junior year at my university.  I figured if I didn’t start the blog now, before classes started and I got busy I probably never would.  So I’m taking my chances.

My love of all things literary, edible, and knitted prompted me to start this blog.  I know there are a lot of food-related blogs out there (several weeks spent browsing the archives of taught me that), and there are almost as many knitting-related ones, but I figured that with my awkward charm and cute face, I could combine them, and let everyone in on the challenges and joy that baking in a tiny kitchen (with limited resources of course), and knitting with clumsy fingers bring to an overworked English major.

So…It was nice meeting you…(awkward silence).


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