Ribbed Frustration

So I recently was visiting my boyfriend’s family, and his mom was just taking up knitting again, after a time away from it.  His sisters too, were brushing up on their skills, and so I tagged along on a trip to the yarn store and started a few projects of my own after a year-long hiatus.

I’m back home now and after a pair of knee socks, and two hats, I’m venturing into the world of glittens.  Me being the absent-minded writer sort of girl that I am, I lost  one of the stripey glittens that I bought last winter, and in a pinch, I had to buy another pair this winter, but having one sad, single glitten doesn’t suit me, and I’ve decided to knit her a mismatched mate.

I started a few hours ago (I figured I could make some good progress while watching Harry Potter with my younger sister) and I spent the first half an hour trying to find the end of the yarn (is this a task that plagues all knitters, or just inept ones like myself?).  After that, it didn’t get a lot better.  Casting onto double-pointed needles has become easier since the time of The Lobster (that’s very much its own blog post) but my problem comes with the cuffs.  Ribbing has always appealed to me– straight rows, evenly spaced, nice and stretchy, but mine never (ever) come out that way.  The inside always looks much nicer than the outside, and the outside always looks quite ugly (especially if it’s more than a couple of centimeters).  All loopy and stretched-looking.  And then I get grumpy and rip it all out.  I’d start evenly but that always looks funny…*sigh*

I think I’ll google tips for a nice rib.  Meanwhile, I have to  unhunch my back and pack for tomorrow.  I’m going back to school, moving back into my apartment with my best friend and two girls who work at Hooters.  I have mixed feelings.


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