What We’re Dealing With

So, we all have our own challenges in our baking, knitting, and cooking adventures.  Mine is the kitchen.  I live in an on-campus apartment, one that was built sometime in the 1960s (wayyyy before my time) and while the appliances are updated, the only good thing I can say about our halfkitchen is that it is cute.  Let’s take a look

The Pantry

This is my pantry.  What doesn’t fit here goes into a metal cart under my sort-of lofted bed.

The Kitchen Table

That’s the kitchen table I have to work with.  It’s nice, but in my defense, only the microwave and two cookbooks on that table are mine.  The rest belongs to roommates, either the good one (see: homemade pretzels and stand mixer) and the not-so-good ones (see: lots of plastic bags and store bought “White Wheat” bread).

The Kitchen

This is the full extent of our kitchen.  With about two square feet of counter space, cooking is a bit difficult, but manageable.  As you can see, the living room creeps along in with the kitchen in the form of the giant purple chair (campus-issued).  This is all the cupboard space that we have available.  For four girls (two of whom own an inordinate amount of cups), it’s not much.

The Oven

This is where it all goes on.  If you can’t see it, the numbers on the temperature knob for the oven are pretty much all worn off with the exception of 350, so temperatures are approximate.  Once, our roommate burned a pizza and every time I baked for the next month or so, the smoke alarm would go off whenever I opened the door.  *sigh*

We have a single sink, and one refrigerator, which isn’t nearly as large as it looks from the outside.  The two not-as-good roomies filled the freezer with frozen pizzas, chicken breasts, and toaster waffles.  Also, we have a jar of fat by the sink, brought to you by “the two not-as-good ones” which will now be referred to only as “the girls.”

So, besides the restrictions of a tight budget and a tight schedule, a tight kitchen tops the list.  It’s manageable though, and oh-so-satisfying when you’ve got a pie in the oven while you read chapter after chapter.  More than manageable, I’d say.

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