Any good college student knows that pizza is what gets you through long study nights, and leftover pizza is what keeps you going between classes.  However, any good poor college student knows that it’s way too expensive to order out all the time.  Over the last year or so, I’ve experiment with a lot of crust recipes, and finally, after months of searching and trying and waiting for things to rise, I found my perfect crust recipe!  It makes about 2-ish medium sized pizzas.  I usually just take a blob and roll it out and leave the rest to roll out the next day for a quick lunch.  I like this one because it’s a really nice thin crust that’s still chewy under the cheese, and it has no rising time, which is a plus for a hungry person at the end of the day.

3/4 C Water (warm)

1/2 t yeast

2 C flour (I always use half wheat)

1/2 tsp salt

Mix the yeast and the water.  Let it sit for about ten minutes, until a little bit bubbly.  Measure salt and flour together.  Pour in water and mix.  Knead until incorporated (about five minutes or so).

A lunchtime personal size pizza!

That’s really it.  Seriously.  Then I just mix up some sauce (a can of tomato sauce, a can of tomato paste, some salt, a little sugar, and some basil, oregano, and black pepper…to taste! Then I keep it in the fridge for all of my pizza-ing) grate some cheese and throw it in the oven. If I’m making it for my friends, too, I always just leave it plain since we can never all agree on any toppings all together, but if it’s just for me, I like to put onions under the cheese (I learned that in Denmark) and roasted red peppers on top.   And seriously, this crust is so easy you can honestly make pizza in 15 minutes, which is less t

ime than I would spend sitting around on the couch waiting for the delivery guy anyway.

I like how in the picture, my cookie sheet looks nice and aged and rustic.  Sadly, I did just buy it last semester (my previous cookie sheet was ruined by a previous roommate who turned on a burner underneath it when it was sitting on the stove).

And now, I make pizza!


One thought on “Pizza

  1. I was just reading back on your old entries… I usually put the onions under the cheese on my pizza too! teehee

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