An Aside Written Out of Fear

I recently signed up for housing again at school…housing for my senior year. When Amelia and I went to go sign up, we were hoping to get into a smaller apartment (fewer random flatmates to gamble with) but we ended up with something far better. A close friend of ours is rooming with two other girls and invited us to join them in a nice large, five-person apartment!
One of the girls immediately dubbed it our future “Love Nest” and I received the name of “Sugar Pixie.” Since we’re only acquaintances, I was surprised how well the name actually fit me.

All of that aside, though, in the excitement I sort of forgot about what applying for my last apartment on campus means. It means that come next May I have to LIVE. Somewhere else. Somewhere else out in the real world. The world is so big!

I have a few options, and my boyfriend and I are still deciding and feeling them all out. I might:
Terrifying Option #1) move to Chicago! Go to pastry school! Get an apartment on my own! And a job! Exciting!
Terrifying Option #2) go to grad school. Somewhere. Maybe. If they’ll take me.
Terrifying Option #3) Get married in Sweden (Denmark won’t let me in on a marriage visa until I’m 24) and get a job there while Andreas finishes up school
Most Terrifying Option #4) Something Else.

And I thought choosing a college and going off to live “on my own” in the dorms was scary.
At least I’ll always have cookies…and socks. No matter what, I’ll have cookies. And socks. That’s all that matters, right? (Right?!?!)


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