Food Experiment Explained

So at the beginning of this semester, I faced a very serious dilemma: Take a high-level Culture of Food class that would go towards neither my major or my minor and had nothing to do with my fields of study, or take a high-level Spanish class that would contribute to my Spanish minor.

Apparently, I care more about food than I do about Spanish.

Anyway, one of the assignments for the class is to do a personal food experiment and write about it.

My experiment, as per suggestion by Amelia, is to cook for 2 weeks without recipes.  This is proving to be more difficult and easier than I expected.  No matter what, I can always fall back on pizza and macaroni and cheese, my know-it-by-heart staples, but I figured why not branch out and try some harder things?

Week One of the two-week project is over, and the following blog posts will outline my cooking hooventures (my little sister’s old word for “adventures”).

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