The Groove

School Is Finished. At least for the year. Well, the school year. Anyway, I finished my last two exams this morning, and I’m fairly sure I did reasonably well in my classes. They were general education classes that I put off until I was a second-semester junior for reasons I cannot remember.
They killed me.
They weren’t hard, they were just so boring that I never paid attention that the tests murdered me. Now, by murdered I obviously mean that I make Bs. But still. Geez.
Anyway, I have an afternoon free and nothing to think about except working (which doesn’t count because it is not homework) and I made angel food cake and impromptu exciting vegetably pasta, and now, because idle fingers are the devil’s handiwork (or something to that effect), I am going to start a knitting project! I have not yet decided what it will be, but it will be glorious. That much, I have decided.
The Girls have almost moved out all the way (they have to be gone by Monday, thank goodness) and in a week, Amelia and I move into our much nicer apartment (with a huuuuuge kitchen, compared to this one) with our own rooms and start our extremely glamorous jobs as custodial workers.
And now please excuse me while I go find a pattern for this soon-to-be-glorious summer knitting project.

Too Soon

I feel like I’ve given up a little too easily.

I feel like I should be blogging with a vengeance, but instead I’m doing papers and studying for tests and revising short stories and getting ready to move and going to interviews and stuff.  Those all sound more important from the outside, but I feel guilty about neglecting the blog.

Sometimes it just seems like why would I write if nobody reads?  And then I think that if i feel that way, maybe I shouldn’t even write at all.  Lame.

I do care, I am interested, I want to blog, but it’s so complicated.  I never remember to take pictures when I bake.  Recently it’s taken so much energy to just make dinner or scones or trifle that I don’t even want to write about it.

I’m hoping things change when the semester is over.

I think gen eds are killing my spirit.