The Groove

School Is Finished. At least for the year. Well, the school year. Anyway, I finished my last two exams this morning, and I’m fairly sure I did reasonably well in my classes. They were general education classes that I put off until I was a second-semester junior for reasons I cannot remember.
They killed me.
They weren’t hard, they were just so boring that I never paid attention that the tests murdered me. Now, by murdered I obviously mean that I make Bs. But still. Geez.
Anyway, I have an afternoon free and nothing to think about except working (which doesn’t count because it is not homework) and I made angel food cake and impromptu exciting vegetably pasta, and now, because idle fingers are the devil’s handiwork (or something to that effect), I am going to start a knitting project! I have not yet decided what it will be, but it will be glorious. That much, I have decided.
The Girls have almost moved out all the way (they have to be gone by Monday, thank goodness) and in a week, Amelia and I move into our much nicer apartment (with a huuuuuge kitchen, compared to this one) with our own rooms and start our extremely glamorous jobs as custodial workers.
And now please excuse me while I go find a pattern for this soon-to-be-glorious summer knitting project.


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