Everything is wonderful in my Life.

Dear Everyone,

I am engaged.  To be married!  I’m graduating in May with a degree in Creative Writing (don’t judge me on this blog.  Doesn’t count.) and minors in Spanish and Human Development.  I am pretty smart and awesome, and a lot of people love me.  I make llama cookies that kick any other shaped cookie’s ass (assuming it is shaped like something that has an ass, and even if it isn’t).  I’m crocheting the most awesome blanket that a nerd has ever laid eyes on (or any nerd that plays the supremest of all supreme board games, Settlers of Catan).

I just wanted to make sure that everyone knows how awesome my life is before I complain about it, so you won’t get the wrong impression.  The impression you will now get is that I am a whiney whiner with a good life and a bad attitude.  While that’s not the most flattering, it’s more accurate and that’s what this blog is ALL about.  Seriously.

And after writing all of that, I have no completely forgotten what piddly thing that I wanted to complain about.  Awesome.  That’s how awesome the things that happen in my life are.  It’s like when I’m walking through the parking lot outside my building, and I’m trying to take the most direct route, so I am walking diagonally across all of the empty spaces (which is where the Pythagorean theorem comes into real life) and they just seem to be placed exactly so that my path is cleared.  That’s how lucky I am.

Hate me.  I dare you.