Because why not?

I know that nobody reads this blog, and I am well aware that nobody will read this post.

And I don’t blame them.

This blog is really ugly, and until I make it pretty, I don’t really *want* anyone else to read it.  BUT…that is the reason (and by THE reason, I mean one very small reason) that I am marrying Mr. Mine!  He did a website design computer course a while back in his computer programming education and I’m pretty sure he knows HTML, so maybe when we’re both living on the same continent for an extended period of time (whenever that may be) he will help me, and I can have a successful blog!

Also, he has been thinking of starting his own, and I figure, if I can get him to do mine at the same time, we can be blogging buddies, and we can encourage each other etc.

Also it’s 2 am and I meant to go to sleep 2 hours ago, but I had a minor anxiety attack concerning all the things that I have to do/are happening to me in the next year.

First of all, I am graduating college in 2 months.  It feels like…I am not any more prepared for the workforce except for the fact that during college I worked for four years in a catering position and one as a custodian.  Hoooooraaaaaaaay, I have work experience in food/customer service and custodial work.  My favorites.

Anyways, I’m graduating college in 2 months (which means these next two months are going to be ridiculously busy and fast and stressful).  Then I am moving home to stay with my parents for a good month.

Then, I’m getting married in July (not to mention traveling to Denmark in the middle of June to get ready for the wedding in July) and then flying back to the states, visiting my sisters on the East coast, somehow meandering our way back to the midwest and promptly moving to…..*drumroll* Illinois.  Libertyville, IL to be exact, a wealthy northern suburb of Chicago where I will probably not fit in with anyone, but I’ll have to wait and see.

Anyways, with any luck I’ll be living with my husband for a few months while he completes an internship (while teaching me how to drive) and then I’ll probably end up living there for 4-9 more months to save up some money to move to Sweden.  And you’re like “Sweden? Why Sweden?” and I’m like “because they don’t hate me like the Danes do.”

But regardless, I’m still supposed to be going to sleep right now.  However, when I am anxious like this, I have nightmares, and I can just feel them creeping up my spine.

I have to write two poems for Friday, review and print another one for Thursday, study for a (hard) test that I have on Wednesday and read my Spanish homework (and two chapters of my jazz book).  But I do graduate in 7 weeks.  So…

It ain’t no big thing.