The Big Blog Move

So, here’s the thing.

I started this blog ages ago, before most of the big events in my life had even occurred (graduation, marriage, moving to Europe, etc.)  and then promptly left it to die and whither on its own.  However, a bit ago, I started up a new blog on Tumblr before realizing that Tumblr is like Twitter except with pictures, and I fit in less there than I did in the ghetto I lived in while spending time in Illinois. 

Anyway, I’ll be transferring blog posts here in the next few days, and hopefully working on the layout…Please be just as easy to use as Tumblr, WordPress!

In brief other news, we’re ordering pizza tonight as Andreas’s parents are out of town and also…we want to!  Let’s see how my vegetarian Danish pizza comes out…as far as I’ve noticed, Denmark in general isn’t exactly vegetarian friendly…I’ll try to take some poorly-lit pictures for tomorrow.


One thought on “The Big Blog Move

  1. Food in Denmark is neither vegetarian friendly nor budget friendly! I just discovered Bazar Vest in Aarhus and stocked up on so many delicious fresh veges that I am super inspired to do lots of cooking now 🙂
    In my 2 weeks I have discovered that supermarket shopping is an art form and practise makes perfect. The more supermarkets I go to the more delicious things of various prices I find!

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