Hello, Sweden!

That’s right, I’m in Sweden!  For a while, at least.  Yesterday morning we were all settled in Denmark, we woke up, packed everything, cleaned, everything, had Andreas’s dad graciously drive us all the way to Sweden, move everything in, had a very exciting playdate with our very exciting nephew, and are now all settled in.  In Sweden.

It’s feeling a bit weird, being in a place where neither of us “belongs,” where people speak a language that neither of us speak, but to me, I think the most novel thing is that we’re on our own in Europe.  When we lived in Denmark, we were always near to Andreas’s parents’ place and ended up eating dinner with them often, and borrowing the car to get to and from the grocery store, etc.  Now that we’re in Sweden, we live next door to his sister, but she doesn’t have a car (she does have a bike, which is more common around here).  I feel more independent, more free, and also (I do hate to admit it) a little more homesick.

Within the next couple of days I’ll have a post with pictures of the awesome apartment we’re subletting for the next few months.  I just want to show everyone!

Also, look forward to a post about a very special knitting project I just finished!  Now that all my exciting knitting is over, I have to get back to knitting a mate for my lonely legwarmer I finished a while ago before I start on the next exciting things 😦 But I guess that’s life, too…I had to put in my time in the US before I got to move to exciting Europe!

So, in summary: Living in America is like knitting a legwarmer, and this blog is going to get a couple more exciting (and pictureful!) posts soon!





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