Because who doesn’t like rainbows?

We’re back, to regularly-programmed fluffy blogging!  Today, in the form of rainbow-swirly sugar cookies!  I saw this recipe a little while ago, but I just made an extra-big chocolate pudding cake (really, it’s not my fault, we don’t have an 8×8 inch pan here, so I HAD to make a 50% larger cake than usual!)  Luckily, it was my sister-in-law’s birthday yesterday, so I had an excuse to make these anyway!

I got the idea here. And while I didn’t have the cool neon food coloring, and mine didn’t turn out quite as nice-looking, I think I make up for it with this one:

Hello, little rainbow!

My stand-by sugar cookie recipe turned out wonderful with these, and to boot, the vanilla-sugar you get here in Sweden makes then twice as good as the vanilla extract I used in the states.  Little black flecks make all the difference.

These rainbowy cookies reflect the mood here in Malmö right now…bright, sunny, and full of promise.  Andreas is waiting to hear about a job he interviewed for, and while I don’t have anything on the horizon, Andreas’s getting a job gets me a lot closer to being eligible to get one myself!  In the meantime, I’m trying to be a good housewife.  On a sidenote, I love the vacuum cleaners here, so much easier to use!

We’re leaving soon to babysit our four-year-old nephew who lives next door.  Should be an interesting day, at least.  I’m sure to be killed by a light saber a hundred and seventeen times, maybe more.  However, I’m grateful to have the chance to help out a little and get to spend time with him.  I really miss being a nanny, and a little time spent with children can help alleviate that.


2 thoughts on “Because who doesn’t like rainbows?

  1. Very cool! I like the puffy flower looking ones. And vanilla sugar? I’m jealous!! Good vanilla is almost nonexistent here, and not affordable when I do find it. I have half a bottle of real vanilla extract left from my last visit to the US, which I save for special occasions like vanilla icecream. Otherwise I just use the artificial stuff I can get here. Blah

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