Photo-a-Day Weekly Digest #2 May

8. A Smell You Adore

9. Something You Do Every Day

10. A Favorite Word

11. Kitchen

12. Something That Makes You Happy

13. Mum


7 thoughts on “Photo-a-Day Weekly Digest #2 May

  1. I’m glad you follow baby blogs and want a baby so badly your heart turns to jelly. (: If you ever come to North America, let me know. You see like a lovely lady. (: I’m sure my son would love to be held by a jelly heart when he’s born. (;

  2. Do you know where those cubby jars came from? I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and showed it to Ezra, and he loves it. We want to do it.

    • Oh gosh, those I think were included in the original kitchen which is from the 70’s. They had the little cubbies in both kitchens we lived in (next-door apartments) so I’m sure that they’ve just always been there. I love them, too, and so want to do something like that when we get out “own” kitchen! They’re right above the sink 🙂 But I don’t know where you’d be able to find the little glass drawers…

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