For Goodness’ Sake

This post is not about knitting, or baking, or language barriers, or anxiety.

This post is about how sometimes, you have these moments where you realize that although everything in your life has changed, you still haven’t.  How if you’re a total dummy in one culture and country, that doesn’t change when you move.

Today, I ate my cereal only to find out when I glanced at the bottom of the bowl that the milk was…bad.  I flashed back instantly to a dark, cold morning before work in college when I accidentally ate a whole bowl of cereal onto which I’d poured inadvertently-fermented apple juice.  I had thought to myself “this tastes funny, but I have to hurry up and eat and go!” I have also eaten donut holes in the early hours of the morning, only to notice later in the day that they are covered in cobwebby white mold (which the powdered sugar, unfortunately, disguised very well.)

Turns out, I’m a bit of an idiot in the morning before I’ve eaten, and although this is easily remedied by breakfast, the danger lies in those breakfast-laden minutes.  Fortunately, I don’t think a bit of spoiled milk will kill me, so I’m off to brush my teeth, and try to forget about the whole thing…

For goodness’ sake.


One thought on “For Goodness’ Sake

  1. Ugh, yeah… we all have those moments, right? I’ve had my share of finishing half the sandwich or toast and then realizing the moldy bread. Ewwww.

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