So it’s June 10th and I have not posted my last week of photo-a-days from May.  That’s because I didn’t take a photo a day during the last week.  And I kept thinking to myself “oh, that’s okay, I’ll just take them now and post them later” but I already felt like such a cheater that I ended up putting it off more and more until we’re a third of the way through June, so I’ll give you the ones I took, and some extras to cover for the days where I lazed out.  And that will be good enough.  So there.

25. Unusual (I have weirdly shaped feet that poke holes through the toes of my shoes.  I’ve worn these shoes for maybe 2 months now…I even poked a hole through a pair of chucks once.)
27. Something Sweet
28. The weather today
29. A Number
Now for the extra credit:

These are Herbert (left) and Muriel (right) and they had built a nest directly above our balcony.

Apparently, they do this every year, and every year the chicklets blow out of the next and drama ensues.  This year was no different,  but it was fun to follow the drama for the weekend with my husband.  For a few precious moments, one of the chicks had fallen onto our balcony.  Did you know that seagull chicks are all spotted?!  Anyway, Andreas wanted to film it, but it got scared when it saw the camera, scampered away, and promptly fell through the crack in the floor onto the balcony below ours.  Nuts.  It eventually fell twice more off of the remaining balconies before joining its sibling down on the ground where we could see the parents alternately sitting on top of them and feeding them.  However, we’re pretty sure that a cat has eaten them, since they’re nowhere to be found anymore.

This is my and Andreas’s new favorite dinner.  We’ve been looking for new things to put into our weekly “rotation” of meals, and this one is now topping the list.  Homemade hummus is super easy in a food processor, and the whole meal has no allergies for Andreas!  Also, as soon as I learn to make my own whole wheat pita, it’ll be even more healthy.  We’re pretty excited about hummus, pita, and tomato/cucumber salad.

We’re also pretty excited about ratatouille…(with homemade crusty bread!)
You can also have this picture of me that Andreas took, because it’s the only picture we managed to (accidentally) take of the bread!  Look, it’s in the lower left!
It’s also sufficiently embarrassing to serve as my punishment for not getting pictures up sooner!

My goal for this week is to finish my Danish learning book/CDs and make a trip to the library!  Also, I’d like to (successfully) cast on a few new projects, but we’ll see how that goes.  Don’t want to be too ambitious, you know.

Oh, and I’m making brownies.


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