An attempt at positivity

Today I feel like there’s a lot, and also nothing, going on in my life.  Things are a bit confusing here, with visa application issues, a blooming identity crisis, hot, sweaty yoga, and three failed brownie attempts.  That’s right.  I tried again and they’re still not good.  I’m officially blaming Europe.

But instead of going into all of that (don’t worry, I’ll probably “go into” all that in future posts).  For now, I will tell a few good things that I’m grateful for and leave out alllllllll the other stuff.

1) We bought strawberries today, and I’m going to make strawberry shortcake.
2) I got two books from the library that I’m excited to read.
3) My hair is ALMOST long enough for a half-ponytail.  Progress.
4) I’m getting better at meal-planning and food-shopping
5) I’m getting to know my neighbors better, and feeling less nervous around them.
6) My apartment building now has “food waste” and other various recycling bins, which I’m super excited about.
7) I’ve made successful (and exciting!) pita bread twice.  Also, when we made fajitas yesterday for dinner with Quorn filet strips, Andreas said it was one of the best foods he has ever eaten!
8) I did not forget to call my dad on Fathers’ Day
9) I rode a bike in traffic for the first time in my life.
10) My husband is never-endingly understanding and supportive through my meltdowns, sobbing jags, baby fever, and homesickness.

So, although it often feels like it, not everything in my life is stagnant, or complicated, or going awry, and it feels good to focus sometimes on the small good things when complications interrupt.  I’ll end this before I start whinging about the brownies.


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