A few things have been going on lately, and things seem to be brightening up (besides the weather.)

I went to BIkram a few more times, and twice didn’t feel like I was about to die, but I’ve decided to stick with my home-yoga practice.  It was lots of fun going with my sister-in-law and my neighbor, though, and I’ll miss that.  I’m also happy with how much improvement I saw in just four sessions.  I can now touch the floor with both flat palms without bending my knees, which is something I’m pretty sure I haven’t done since I was twelve.  What played a big part in my decision is just that it’s pretty expensive, and in the end, I decided that I’d be better off investing in a pair of running shoes, seeing as they’ll (hopefully) last a lot longer.  I’m excited to start a C25K program.  I’ve always wanted to know what it was like to enjoy running, and I’m hoping I’ll find out!  I’ll definitely document my misadventures in fitness here, so stay tuned!

I also got a letter from the migration office, asking for a couple more things for the application, and it looks like we’ll get them in time, so I’m optimistic about that, too (at the moment).  It’s comforting just to know that they looked at it, and it’s in progress instead of just knowing that they have it.  Cautiously optimistic would describe me well at this point.

In other news, I’m hosting my knitting group tonight!  I’m definitely looking forward to it, and have spent the better part of today and yesterday getting treats ready!  I won’t say more than that yet, but I’ll definitely do a post on all of the goodies I’ve been working on.

I’ve also gotten back into knitting which feels wonderful!  I do baking, knitting, writing, reading, etc. in phases, so it’s no big deal when I don’t pick up my needles for a few weeks, but I’m definitely ready to dive back in!  I started on a pair of winter socks for my mom, and have a couple more projects rolling around in my head that I’ll start soon.

I’ve definitely been missing home a bit the past few weeks, seeing as the summer weather has really set in back in Wisconsin, while Sweden stillllllllll hasn’t caught up.  However, I’m trying not to think too much about it, and trying to focus on how wonderful it is to be with Andreas every day, even if it is just a few hours after work until he has to sleep again.  I know I probably won’t visit the states again until next summer, and I’m okay with that for the most part, but I occasionally realize that this has already been the longest stretch of time I’ve gone without seeing my parents, and I get a little bit gloomy.

My main focus in the past few weeks has been to look forward to the future, but try to balance that by finding good, small things in the present to focus on as well.  So far I’m surprising myself with how well it’s going.

Also, today I was able to pull my hair back into a half-ponytail (with the help of bobby pins) for the first time since I chopped it all off in January.  I forgot how good it feels not to have hair flopping into my face all day long.  I think I’m definitely done cutting it short for at least a while.  I’m excited to play around with it again, experiment with haircuts and hairdos (without cutting it all off into a pixie) and seeing my curls again!

In short, everything’s going well at the moment, and I’m feeling good again.  I’m excited to share all of my baking adventures in the next post, with pictures!  I’m also thinking about doing photo-a-day again in July, after taking a much-needed June reprieve.




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