Our line-up of shoes in the hallway has a new addition, can you spot it?

That’s right!  I finally found running shoes! While I was out shopping with my sister-in-law, I remembered there was a discount sports shop I’d been meaning to check out, and when we got there, it turns out they were going out of business and offering everything at 60% off of their already clearance prices!  I have to mention here, that whenever I go shopping with Rebekka, she’s like a lucky charm and I always find some stupendous deal or she’ll pick something out for me that I never knew I wanted, but that I then wear every week, the day after I do the laundry.  She was a good sport, pawing around in a clutter of tangled, mismatched shoes, and standing in the line for the check-out with me for a half an hour, and our streak of lucky shopping continues, unbroken!

Yesterday, I decided to do my first run!  I’m following the C25K program (couch to five kilometers) which means that this week, I’m running for a minute, then walking for a minute and a half, and continue the cycle for about a half an hour.  It went well yesterday, but was definitely still hard, seeing as I haven’t run in…let’s just say “forever.”  I only have to run three days a week, so I’m doing my at-home yoga on the in-between days for recovery, and even though my quadriceps are still burning, I’m excited for tomorrow morning’s run!

When Rebekka was here, we also made our way over to Malmö’s game shop, and I bought a game I’ve been wanting for the past year, Battle Line!

In college, one of my best friends bought this game, and we learned to play together.  Throughout the years, we played a lot, and whenever I asked him if he wanted to come over and help me eat my food (and really, when wouldn’t he?) he’d usually come, game-in-hand.  My husband and I both love to play games, but now that it’s just us two we can’t play Settlers of Catan nearly as often as we’d like.  I only have a couple other games (Bananagrams being one, but Andreas isn’t a big fan of word games) but not really any that are fit for two players, so I knew I had to get this one.  It was a hit with Rebekka and Andreas, and I’m so happy to have a game we can play together when we have no visitors to play Catan with!

Oh, and one last thing: we got a package from Amazon that we ordered a bit ago, and among other things, I finally have an SD card for my camera!  Before, I could take between 4-10 pictures before the internal memory was full, and I’d have to stop, hook up the camera to the computer, transfer the pictures, empty the memory, and then I could continue taking pictures.  Now I can take eight hundred and forty four pictures without emptying my camera, which means I can now take it on adventures around town, and do complete food photo shoots without having to stop six times.  Hooray!


2 thoughts on “Purchases

  1. I wish you could come visit me in D.C. Zeta! You would get along so well w/my summer housemates….they are obsessed with Settlers of Catan and love baking new and exciting things all the time…and one of them really likes hot yoga. lol

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