Running so far

I just realized in titling this post, that it could be taken in two ways: 1) Running, so far… and 2) Running soooooo far!

Although the correct interpretation of this is the first one, a rundown of my running adventures, so far, and not in any way bragging about how far I can run (which isn’t far yet), I still feel really…successful, I guess!  I’m following the program as best as I can, and doing yoga on the days in between.  I spent the majority of last week being really sore, and had pretty miserable headaches all day after I would run.  Friday, I decided to try eating all day to stave off the headache, and guess what!  It totally worked!  So, not only do I know how to not get headaches, I also get to snack all day…

Yesterday, I started in on the second week, and I woke up feeling sort of “bleh.”  I had a carrot, drank my orange juice, and laced up my shoes, glancing at the ominous clouds.  As soon as I headed out the door, it started to sprinkle, and by the time I got to the park, it was full-out raining, but strangely enough, that run was my best yet.  The rain kept me cool, I ran more than I had the week before, and I couldn’t wipe the smile off of my face.  Even on my cool-down walk back home, I felt like I had some energy left over to run a bit more, and I came home dripping and grinning.

I am still pretty excited about it, so I will even show you this red-faced post-run photo:

That’s how excited I am about how this is going.

3 thoughts on “Running so far

  1. hey this is just like my running experience! the one time it rained while I ran, I was suddenly able to do 4 miles and felt great the whole time! rainy runs are the best. wait, what program are you following?

  2. I’m on the bench from running at the moment, and for a long time to come with a knee injury but I used to really enjoy running in the rain too. It is cooler and somehow feels like more of an achievement. Keep it up!

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