Guess what we just finished!

Well, it’s done.  We now have a fat envelope of papers filed neatly into plastic sleeves which are numbered, and indexed to perfection.  If Denmark doesn’t say yes to this, I don’t know what would convince them.  That’s right, our visa application for Denmark is finished!

It’s been a busy couple of months getting it ready.  One might think “how much work can that really be?  Just get together your certificates, copy a few passports, staple it all together and voila!” but one is most definitely wrong, when it comes to a Danish visa application.  I have to admit to a twinge of jealousy when my sister who lives with her husband in Malaysia, just had to go down to the embassy and “get” her spouse visa while I sit here wondering whether or not I will cry with relief when mine (after months and months of anxiety, worry, and paperwork) comes through.

Andreas has done the majority of the research, posting often on Ægteskab Uden Grænser.  They have helped so much, and I know we wouldn’t be where we are without them.  I feel so fortunate, and I hope that eventually we might be able to say thank you, or pass on the support we’ve had.  Now that it’s all packaged up, only waiting for an index and out next move before we send it in, we both feel a sense of almost-relief.  It’ll be final next Wednesday when we post it, and then, again, we wait.

While in the process, I have learned countless things, a few of which I will share with you here:

  • You will use 150 paperclips faster than you ever imagined.
  • If you think an envelope is big enough, you’re probably wrong.  Buy a bigger one.
  • Even if the answer-box looks very big, write very small.
  • Smile a little when you get ID pictures taken.  Apparently even small, cute me can look threatening when I’m serious.
  • Patience, patience, and a little more patience
  • You’ll get to know your local copy machine pretty well.
  • Take a day off, always venture outside to stave off the “meh”s and the “bleh”s
  • You think you have enough proof that you have lived in Sweden?  Get more proof.
  • There is no limit to the number of times a gluestick can be lost.
  • If we can get through all of this together, we can get through almost anything.

It’s been frustrating and difficult, and it’s far from over, but boy will I be glad when it is.  I’d like to say “bring it on Denmark!”  but what I really mean is “please, Denmark?  Please?”

Almost ready to be signed, sealed, and delivered.



2 thoughts on “Guess what we just finished!

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