Moving Right Along

We’re in the middle of moving (for the sixth time in one year, but who’s counting, right?)  and I think I might just be getting better at it.  Maybe.  Anyway, I’m less of an emotional mess than I was for the last two weeks or so, so I’d consider that progress, even if the kitchen floor has yet to be scrubbed, and every time I go to cross something off on my long to-do list, it turns out it wasn’t even on the list.

We’ve moved the bulk of our things now, and set up our room in the new apartment (we’re renting a room in my sister-in-law’s place) and it’s looking really cozy!  We have a tall white bookshelf, and we ventured out and bought some baskets and things to put on the shelves to hold our things, and it looks great!  I’ll share some pictures when it’s a bit more done.  One thing that cheers me up significantly is that now my yarn has a home!  A real home, unlike its stuffed-into-plastic-bags-and-shoved-in-the-space-between-the-couch-and-the-well home it has had for the past few months.  Even just having my yarn so organized and accessible has made me feel a bit more inspired.  Also, we’ll be finding out the sex of our future niece or nephew in about two weeks, and I’m planning a few projects for that little baby, as well.

I’m also feeling really good about running!  I have to keep reminding myself that I’m a beginner (a real beginner, not someone who’s like “oh, I’ve only been running for about a year, and I only did one marathon”) so I try not to expect too much from myself.  The C25K program has been doing wonders, and at the beginning of every week so far I’ve thought “can I really do this?” and then I do it, and I feel great, and then I do a little more.  I know you’re not supposed to do more than it says, but I started the program by run/walking for 30 minutes every time instead of 20 by accident, so now I feel like I can just…adjust it according to how I’m feeling.  So far it’s been wonderful, and I feel really proud of myself, and every time I come back to my apartment, I feel great!  I always really feel like talking to someone when I come back, all exhilerated and thirsty, but unfortunately, Andreas is always at work, and the time difference makes it so no one back home is up to talk either.  But I usually just talk to myself instead, so it all works out.

I just realized that this is also a bit of a rambly post, which is probably lingering after-effects of how good I felt this morning.

We’ll be all finished moving by sometime tomorrow, as long as I can finish the packing and cleaning without getting distracted as I have been.  Does anyone else suffer the “I-need-to-reminisce-about-and-touch-and-try-on-everything-I-am-trying-to-pack” syndrome while moving?

Time to make Nutella cookies to leave behind for our “host” and finish cleaning and packing up the kitchen!


2 thoughts on “Moving Right Along

  1. What time do you usually get back from running? Feel free to call us anytime on Skype as long as it’s during awake hours! Hopefully you’ll be all moved and settled in a few days so we can Skype again, Svara has been missing you 🙂 Didn’t know you are expecting another niece/nephew, yay! Only 5-6 weeks left here, yiiiiiiikes!!!!!!

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