General Update *salute*

Sorry if you didn’t get the vague How I Met Your Mother reference in the title, but I couldn’t help myself…

So, I’m planning a couple more “themed” posts in the near future, but honestly, I’ve been a bit of a mess recently, and couldn’t manage it.  Sometimes, I surprise even myself by how fragile I can feel.  Any change (at all) is really difficult for me, and even when I’m in the midst of change, and I know that it’s just all the unsteadiness that is making me feel anxious, sad, upset, angry, nervous, and homesick in turn, I still can’t manage to feel okay.  It’s times like these when I’m ever-so-grateful to Andreas and his endless patience and support, and when the storm is over, as I am tentatively hoping it is, I always feel the urge to somehow reward him, and I’m never quite sure how.

Anyway, my first week in the new apartment was only okay.  I wasn’t used to living with people who aren’t Andreas, and having to close the door when I pee, or not feeling comfortable going into the kitchen to have kitchen adventures whenever I please (which is one reason for the shortage of bake-y posts recently).  I had a couple of breakdowns, and felt much better afterwards, and am doing so much better now, but it wasn’t fun for a while.

Anyway!  I’m much more cheery these days, and getting used to sharing spaces, and trying to start going about my usual routine without feeling lazy, or guilty for not being more social.  I started knitting again, and have now finished the pieces for a sweater for my nephew, and now just need to get a zipper, put it all together, and knit the collar on!  When that and a few other small projects are off the needles, I’m hoping to have heard the news of whether I’ll be having a new niece or a new nephew come January, invest in a set of KnitPros and be up to my elbows in baby knitting!

Also: Andreas has a work “teambuilding” sort of activity tomorrow, which is going to take his entire Saturday.  From what I’ve heard about it so far, I’m pretty sure it’s going to make a pretty good blog post, so I’m excited to share some of his stories.  He’ll be getting home likely in the wee (or maybe not so wee) hours on Sunday morning, so although I’m losing most of my precious Andreas-weekend-time, I’m hoping some of the outrageous stories he comes back with are worth it!

Since I’ll be home alone for most of the day tomorrow, I’m hoping I can find something exciting to bake!  Hopefully some sort of double-layer cake.  I decided to forget about the fact that we’re only three(ish) people to eat whatever I make, and bake something large anyway.  I’m a bit tired of making miniatures, and my sister-in-law has a lovely springform pan that I’m dying to use, so a whole, large cake it is!  Here’s to hoping I remember to keep my camera nearby!

Speaking of the camera…I’ve been meaning to take more pictures, but I’m so used to not having a memory card and not bringing my camera with me when I go out.  I even forgot it when we went to an awesome concert on Monday, which I’m definitely bummed about.  I want to make sure I get shots of some of the cool things I pass every day without thinking about it, and so hopefully I’ll have a photo-tour of Malmö coming soon!

I’m doing much better these days, and even though some things are tough and not getting any easier (i.e. having patience while waiting for a visa and not knowing where we’re going to be living come December), right now I’m in an okay mindset to deal with it all.

But…you know…Migrationsverket, I really wouldn’t mind hearing some good news sometimes soon…say, Monday?

And now, as a reward for reading my recent, drab, photoless posts, here’s a picture of me and Andreas “smoking” some hazelnut-filled wafer-roll cookies that we bought specifically so that we could pretend to smoke them.


5 thoughts on “General Update *salute*

  1. I know how you feel! I guess it takes time to settle into a new country and all the changes that brings. It’s good that you keep yourself busy and that Andreas is so supportive. Hopefully you’ll hear from Migrationsverket today! Lycka till

    • ..just had to write another comment..I used to share a large apartment with some other people in 2010, it was difficult, but I got used to it. I don’t think I would ever do it again, but I learned a lot from it. The worst part was that someone always was “watching/listening”, might sound completely weird, but sometimes you just want to eat breakfast for 2 hours while you write e-mails and just enjoys life, and sometimes you just want to be in the bathroom for 1 hour, just because you want to take a really long bath. But on the other hand I learned some new social skills. I still think the other people thought I was crazy when I was baking at least once a week (it took me at least 3 weeks until I did haha!). They used to eat sandwiches for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I ued to cook some real food. After 3 months I felt like an old lady, that kind of lady who makes her bed every day, who eats healthy stuff, who is knitting, and who is quietly cursing at too drunk people…. so I moved out. Have you signed a contract for this place? Otherwise I know a guy who wants someone to rent his apartment in Augustenborg in Malmö (he is trying to sell it, but doesn’t get the money he wants)
      I hope you’ll hear from Migrationsverket soooooon… They are really slow, I have heard.. speed it up please!! ;D

      • Aww, thanks for your sweet comment. I’m actually living with my sister-in-law, who I really like, it’s just weird getting used to sharing spaces again. I had roommates all throughout college (some who I liked more than others) and it always took me a long time to be comfortable, even with the best ones 🙂 I’m trying to remind myself to not feel weird or guilty for just sitting and watching TV and crocheting for a few hours, and remember to just be myself and do what I like to do regardless! I definitely know it will just keep getting better. 😀

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