So, I was asked by a friend the other day how things were going, and I had to answer honestly with “things aren’t.”  Nothing much has been happening.  We haven’t had any news from either visa, and though we might have a lead for an apartment to move into in December when my sister-in-law comes back to live here permanently, it won’t be very sure until sometime in October.

So the truth is that not much is happening, but I don’t want to let the blog whither while I’m newsless!  I’ve decided I want to let myself feel free to write about day-to-day things, to write about whatever I want, and not pay much attention to keeping a sort of theme for the blog.  I enjoy blogs the most when people write from the heart, not necessarily when they only write about one or two topics in their life, and I’m trying to write the kind of blog I like to read, so here you go!

Today’s topic is pink.  As I’ve been pottering around the apartment lately, I’ve been noticing certain things about the pink things I have.  The first thing I noticed was that they were few and far between.  Now, I don’t have any vendetta against the color pink.  I rather like it, actually, seeing as it ranks above orange, purple, red, and maybe yellow.  As I was noticing how few I have, I noticed that all of the pink items I had also had some sort of special meaning to me, so I thought I’d give a small tour of my small, pink things.

This mirror is probably one of the oldest of all of these.  I remember vividly the day I earned it.  I was in third grade, and one of my classmates and I had been learning touch-typing.  Like everything else in elementary school, I had thrown myself into learning and doing it as well as I could, and when I finished the program, I’d gotten to choose a prize, and I chose this!  I remember how proud I was when I picked it out, and I’ve used it ever since.

This comb wasn’t a prize for anything, nor was it a gift, but it’s just one of those things that it feels like you’ve always had.  I’ve been using it for as long as I can remember, and though it was briefly replaced with another comb (also pink) that I’d gotten at a girl scout sleepover, that one was eventually lost, and I’ve been using this one ever since.

To be fair, this pink sock isn’t technically mine…it’s my husband’s.  It was given to him by a friend of ours from Louhelen, the place where we met (and fell in love), but I stole them once when I’d run out of my own socks, and haven’t given them back.  Every time I wear it, I think of not only the friend who gave it to us, but all of the friends we made during our time in Michigan.

This spoon is part of an eight-spoon-eight-fork set I got from my little sister as a birthday/going-off-to-college gift.  The rest of the set are tucked away into the attic awaiting the day we have a place of our own, but I always keep one out as an ice cream scoop and think of my sister every time I’m scooping away!

These were the scissors I’ve had since I was in probably first or second grade.  They’re just another one of those things that have always been around.  I remember how much I loved writing on things with a permanent marker, and my favorite part about getting my backpack ready every August was signing my name on all of my new supplies!  They are now housed in my little craft-things-bag, speaking of which…

This is a purse I got from my sister Jemia for my birthday many, many years ago.  Now, I’ve heard that a girl can never have too many purses, but I am definitely a one-purse kind of girl.  If I have more than one in rotation at a time, I inevitably forget something in my “other purse” every time I leave the house.  However, there’s always a use for a small purse, and this has been my craft purse for the last five years, and I love that it always reminds me of my sister (and my birthday!)

The last pink thing I could find was this sock…it was a part of my Christmas/going away gift from the mom of one of the dear babies I used to nanny, and is so delightfully fuzzy.  However, in all of the packing (and re-packing and weighing and re-packing) I did when I moved here, the other one got lost in the shuffle of my parents’ guest room.  I’m keeping it, holding onto the hope that someone will come across the other (or that it’s shoved into some small crevice of one of my suitcases and will turn up the 14th time I check).  The fact that I’m keeping this says a lot, considering how few things I try to have while we still have to move around all the time.
Along that vein, Andreas and I are planning a trip to Ikea this weekend.  I’m making a large stuffed toy, and need some more stuffing, and although toy-stuffing is hard to find (and really expensive) over here, pillows from Ikea are not!  Hopefully, we can get away with just a pillow, and one or maybe two other things instead of the million other things one often finds themselves leaving Ikea with…


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