iForm Loppet Malmö 2012!

Pre-Race — Really excited to run!

So my first race has officially been run!

I was surprisingly not particularly nervous for it, probably mostly because I knew that Andreas would be coming with me, and I always feel better if he’s coming along.  I was running as part of the American Women’s Club team, and met up with some members before the race.  It was nice meeting some new people, and especially ones who understand parts of my life that a lot of people really can’t.

The race was at almost 3 pm, and I always run in the morning, so I was a bit at a loss as to what to eat in the morning and afternoon.  I know now for next time that I should probably eat a bigger meal in the morning, and just a bit of fruit or something before the race, like I normally would in the morning.  I got side stitches for the first time since I’ve started running again, and I’m going to blame that mostly on my soy dog.  I also took water in the middle of the run, even though I never drink during runs.  I wasn’t planning on it, but there was such a cute little girl handing out cups of water, and I couldn’t resist…

The race was run in and around the park I always do my morning runs in, and it was nice to be in familiar territory, but it was also nice just because the park is so beautiful!

Andreas was able to get a few pictures, which I am grateful for.  It’s nice to have something to look back on and remember.

That was the very homestretch.  I finished in 30:12 which was the best that I was hoping for!  I didn’t consciously try to run faster than usual, except in that last sprint, but I think just being with so many other runners, concentrating on zigging and zagging between them helped me pick up my pace, and it was great!  There were more than 3000 people running that day, and it was really fun to just experience the race atmosphere and make some new friends!

Post-Race: “Want a piece of my banana?”


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