And So It (sorta) Begins

So it’s been neary a week since we received our wonderful news!  Our fabuous news!  The news I have been dreaming about getting for literally years.  I’m allowed in Denmark.

Throughout the day, after we got the news, we’d find ourselves just looking at each other and saying “we got it!”  I was finally going to start my real life in Denmark!  I could get a job, go to school, have a bank account!  It was glorious!  But it was also…the same.  The Tuesday after we’d gone to the immigration office was the same as the Tuesday before we’d gone. I watched Seventh Heaven at 11:20, and made tortellini soup.  Everything we’d dreamed about could finally come to fruition, but quite honestly, life is going on as before until we find an apartment.

And just let me tell you that finding an apartment in Copenhagen is no joke.  I’ve been scrolling through listings on various sites, only to have Andreas come home from work and tell me that the site I am looking at was widely discredited and had lots of fake postings to fill the void between the far-too-few genuine ones.

We sent an application in last week to the municipality in which Andreas works, hoping that they’ll be able to find us something (they often help people relocate if they work there, etc.) but I don’t really fully understand what it actually is (if it’s a private thing, or a government thing, etc.)  The thing is, I’m a bit lost.  I don’t really know how things are done over here.  Nothing’s going to change or move forward until we have the apartment (I don’t actually get the actual permit until I move there, right now I have a paper that says I will get a permit), and I’m not so sure it’s going to be all that soon.

Regardless, it’s nice to know that in the near future we’ll be moving, but we both admitted last week to a feeling of let-down as daily life continued even after our tremendous news.

So that’s sort of still where I am.  The change coming up is big and not just a little scary, so I’m nervous but also tremendously excited.  Or rather, I will be when we find a place to live.  Any tips or leads are welcome.

Meanwhile, I’m hosting what will probably be the last knitting group I host here, so the next few days are baking-days.  I can’t say much about the days following that one, though I do hope that I will soon be occupied with coming up with creative ways to use the food in our pantry instead of buying any more, locating the packaging tape in the store, and figuring out the cheapest way to move our junk from here to Denmark.


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