Copenhagen Apartment Search Part 1 (of God-knows-how-many)

When I first got news of my residence card in Denmark, we knew we’d need an apartment as quickly as possible.  We signed up immediately with Herlev Kommune, who can help with placing you if you want to switch apartments in or move to Herlev.  They don’t have a waiting list, but rather take customers according to need.  They took our application but we can’t be sure we’ll get anything soon, or even at all, considering after a few follow-up phone calls, we found out that they currently have more than 800 accepted applications.

After waiting a tentative few weeks to see if we would get a gold-mine of a letter from Herlev, we knew it was time to move on and start our own active search.  To be fair, I thought we should right away, but tried to be patient since Andreas wanted to wait.  Now, however, we’re both on board, and I’ve been browsing the Danish equivalent of Craigslist (although more official, as far as I can tell).  I sent out a few emails throughout the week, and we saw two apartments today, one which we decided not to pursue, and the other which we wanted, but didn’t get.

I know that apartment-hunting takes patience, and I can’t expect to magically get the ones we want, but it feels sometimes that our choices are few and far between, and I can’t help but feel completely disappointed that we didn’t get the apartment we checked out today (it had a washing machine!).  It was also located in a really quiet neighborhood, close to the train station and lots of shopping options, but I’m trying not to think about it too much.  I know that more opportunities will present themselves, and that it just wasn’t…meant to be, I guess.

I’m not, however, looking forward to starting over with the search, refreshing the “apartments” page every quarter of an hour.  We’re looking more into paying a subscription for one of the apartment-search sites, and hope that gives us more options.

Let’s just hope Part 2 of the search ends with fewer tears and a smidge of success.


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