November is NaBloPoMo!

So apparently November is this National Blog Posting Month.

Now, I just realized that National probably refers to the US, in which case I will not be celebrating NaBloPoMo but rather something like InaBloPoMo (International Blog Posting Month).  I think it still counts.  Anyway, the idea is to post every day in November, and while I can hardly remember to brush my teeth every day, I’m going to try!  I’ve got plenty of things to write about, be they small daily tidbits or bigger ideas!

I also figured it’s a good way to lend a distraction to my apartment frustration and also an outlet.  It’s everything all in one!  It’s NaBloPoMo!  Luckily I happened to post yesterday, and this counts as mine from today, so follow me on my November adventures which is sure to include cozy fall baking, my Danish family’s First Thanksgiving, complaints about the weather (and wind, oh God, the wind), and knitting to counteract that weather (and WIND!)!

This is it for today, though, as dinner’s ready (and it’s homemade palak paneer, so it oughtn’t be kept waiting).


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