A Manly Scarf

A while ago, I finished a sweater for my nephew that impressed my husband to no end:

He had before this generally declined my requests to knit him something, using the age-old excuse of “it’s too itchy!” but after seeing what my crafty hands are capable of, he gave in, and let me knit him a hat!  The hat was such a success that his cold neck soon begged for a scarf.  I haven’t made a scarf since I made my 36-foot scrap-monstrosity:

The scarf was slow work, but easy to take along to knitting group, and not mess up while I was busy yakking!  I looked for patterns, but in the end decided just to wing it again, and was able to make it exactly how Andreas wanted it.  I tried to make sure it was manly, and simple but I wanted to make it subtly detailed (so it wasn’t such a bore to knit).  It turned out well, and Andreas’s neck will be warm (and hopefully not too unbearably itchy).

He’s happy with it, and super excited to wear it to work tomorrow.  In the meantime, we’ll have a cozy Sunday evening, and if we’re lucky I can read some more Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban!  We’re almost finished, and a few weeks ago we joked that we have to move when I finish it, since the next one in the series is checked out of the library.  We’ve also joked that we won’t buy new toothpaste until we move, and since we’re running out, I’m hoping the apartment Andreas is checking out on Tuesday will be The One and we’ll get it.  Unfortunately, the competition is tough, so we’ll see!


2 thoughts on “A Manly Scarf

  1. Lovely! What kind of yarn is it? It’s actually kind of hard to pick out a scarf pattern for a guy that is manly enough and doesn’t bore me to death while making it 🙂

    • I knitted it from 100% merino wool, which I also used for the inside layer of his hat, so it’s a little softer and less itchy 😉 I won’t say it wasn’t a bit of a bore, sometimes, but it was good during-movie and knitting-group knitting!

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