Today has been one of those days where you’re just too excited to get anything done.  Similar things happened to me shortly before my wedding day, but back then, I had people surrounding me and constantly reminding me to stay on track.  Today, I had none of that.

The past few days, I’ve been super anxious, just waiting to make sure everything was legitimate with the apartment, and I couldn’t relax until I knew we had it (or didn’t have it) for sure.  I couldn’t sleep at night, and it was generally pretty stressful.  Now that I’m basically free from worries, I don’t know what to do with myself!  I made myself sleep as late as I could, since I’ve been getting very little the last few nights, and that lasted until ten.  I meant to make a cake, but waited too long, and then realized I hadn’t taken the butter out to soften!  I did manage to finish my book, but with no less than three breaks for me to get up and pace around the apartment, feeling like there’s a hundred things for me to do (which there are but I can’t do any of them yet!).

Luckily, it’s the weekend, and Andreas and I are going into full-blown planning mode.  We’re going to the apartment tomorrow to take measurements, then doing a run-through in IKEA (without buying anything!) and do research, research, research!

Now, I’m supposed to be making supper but…you know.  I’ll make Andreas help me while we make a list.

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