Putting Things Together

So as I said, over the weekend, we started putting together our IKEA things.  We’re still far from finished with all of it, but we did manage to get the sofa together, which is really the most important thing.  One of the worst moments in moving is when, after lifting heavy things and losing small things, you look around for a place to collapse for half a moment, and there are none, so you have to sit down on a box and hope it’s filled with sturdy, non-fragile things.  So, in an effort to avoid that moment, we put together the couch first.  It was a good decision.

That color of cover was on clearance, so although it’s not the nicest color, we can always buy a nicer one when we have a bit more cash on hand.  We were extremely glad we started with the couch because it went really smoothly and easily.  The bed that followed was a lot more complicated, and my thumb still hurts from those dang allen wrenches.  If we’d started with that, we’d have gone home long before the couch was finished, and wouldn’t have anything to collapse onto in times of moving distress!

Yesterday, we moved basically everything we have to the new place, so while we wait for it to have internet access, we’re basically staying in our apartment in Sweden as overnight guests.  It’s nice to be on the home stretch, and although we don’t have much food here, we’ll work it out.  I’m just excited to go back and do more organizing/cleaning/setting-up work!


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