Moving is Weird

Moving is always an awkward time for me, as I’m sure it is for most people.  There’s that weird period of time where you’re not sure if it’s too early to pack, but you know if you leave it all for last minute, you’ll regret it.  Then there’s the trying to decide what you can pack first, and what you don’t use every day (which I am almost always wrong about).

But what is usually the most weird for me is the food situation.  I don’t usually feel like bringing so much food to the new place.  It’s just more to take, and it can be avoided, so I try to use as much weird, random food as possible, so there’s as little as possible to take along.  This time around it resulted in weird meals like frozen garlic bread and fried eggs for breakfast, and pasta with pesto and mozzarella cheese and fried eggs for dinner that same day.

Usually, that’s the most awkward part of moving (along with the occasional reaching for an object that has been packed away, accompanied by a sigh) but this time around, it wasn’t.  I left some clothes here, so we’d have something to wear as we stay for the next few days.  Unfortunately, this morning as I rummaged around trying to find clothes, I realized that the one thing I neglected to leave behind is clean underwear.  Nuts.  I had to turn to the only other sensible option: Andreas’s boxer-briefs.  And honestly?  They’re super comfortable, and I’m a little jealous.



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