Last Day in Malmö

So today was Andreas’s and my last full day living in Malmö.  As such, I made him come out with me to walk the streets one more time: the streets I know, the streets I don’t get (very) lost in.  I haven’t had the most positive things to say about living here in Sweden these past several months (almost nine!) but the truth is, I think that Malmö is a great city.  It’s small enough that you can almost walk anywhere within a half an hour or so, and big enough that it seems to have just about everything.  The library is great, the shopping is lots of fun, and while I can’t say anything about the nightclub scene, the coffeeshop scene is awesome!  I have officially become a coffee person while living here.  I can tell because I packed my coffee (albeit instant) and took it to the new apartment, and these past few days, I’ve really wanted a cup.  Not in an I-need-some-caffeine way, but just in the it-would-be-really-cozy-to-have-a-cup-of-coffee-right-now way.

So like I said, we went out!  I lured him out by saying there was something I saw that I really wanted to buy before we leave (which there was) and kept him out, even though it was really cold and windy today, by saying we should find a place to eat.  This bought me lots of time because it always takes us forever and a half to find a place we want to eat, so I was able to show him Stor- and Lilletorget which are really cute (especially Lilletorget!) and we eventually found a place to eat.

We also bought the thing I wanted to buy which was this:

It’s meant to hold newspapers and stuff, I think, but I’m going to use it to hold my ongoing yarn projects!  The little pockets on the side are perfect for my odds-and-ends I need, and there’s plenty of space for at least two projects at a time!  Perfect!  And now I am all done and ready to leave Sweden.

It’s always hard to say goodbye to a place, even if you didn’t think you even liked it that much.  I think an episode of How I Met Your Mother referred to the feeling as “graduation goggles.”  I’ve had a tough time during my stay in Sweden, but I really have grown to love certain aspects of it, and I’ll definitely miss them (my knitting group topping that list).  However, I’m trying to gear myself up for the next adventure, and at the same time reminding myself that it’s perfectly okay if I feel just as miserable in Denmark at first.  Change is hard, but I’m also really ready for this next part.

PS-I wanted to blog every day in November, but I’ll be without internet for Monday and probably Tuesday, so I’m hoping I am able to write some stuff and set it to post at a later date, we’ll see if I can figure it out.


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