Obligatory Thanksgiving Post

Just to be clear, just because this Thanksgiving post is obligatory doesn’t mean that I don’t looooooove doing it!  Because I do!

However, I nearly missed making this post because I totally forgot today was Thanksgiving.  In my defense, we’re celebrating on Saturday and this whole week has been weird.  It was Tuesday already before Andreas told me that our Thanksgiving celebration was in five days, not twelve, like I had been thinking it was.  Oops.  With no hype over here, I’m inclined to lose track.

Anyway, we’re not celebrating today (other than celebrating the fact that we got our internet connection fixed!) but I wanted to count my blessings and remind myself of all the good that’s happening in my life right now.  The goal is that this post, with all the warm fuzzies it will probably contain, will cancel out yesterday’s not-so-happy post!

In no particular order (except for the first one), lots of things I am thankful for:

  • Andreas.  He is the downright best person on earth there was for me to marry, and I’m thankful all the time that I did.  I love him for calling me a “gentle soul” instead of a coward, for getting excited about my knitting projects, and for not making fun of me for being a vegetarian.
  • My Danish visa.  We had no idea when we’d get this.  We originally thought maybe sometime in July.  Then we thought maybe August sometime.  Then we gave up a little bit and thought we might get it in early spring of 2013.  Then we actually got it on the first of October.  Thank you, Denmark!
  • Our Apartment.  We LOVE our apartment.  Every half hour or so, one of us turns to the other and says “I LOVE our apartment!”  It’s perfect for now and for the near future, and we’re incredibly grateful that everything worked out with it.
  • Our internet connection.  ‘Nuff said.
  • My families.  I’m thankful for both my regular family and my in-law family.  I’ve said before how lucky I feel to have each of them, and I’ll say it again.  I’m the luckiest.  Also, as a sidenote, I’m incredibly grateful for my parents-in-law who drove all the way over to help us move all our stuff (including a giant shelving unit which trapped my father-in-law in the kitchen while we figured out how to actually get it through the crooked hallway into the room) and gave us so much of our start-up things (like kitchen chairs and the prettiest, coziest couch-blanket ever.)
  • That said, I’m also thankful for Skype.
  • Our new duvets.  They are fantastic!  They’re just the right amount of heaviness to coax me to sleep, and just the right amount of “warm” to keep me there.  Plus, they match and make our bedroom look extra cute!
  • Yarn.  It’s helped me feel relatively productive (and therefore sane) over the last several strange months, and has given me something to be excited about when I wake up in the morning!
  • My blog.  And the people who read it.  Being able to write this blog and connect with other people through it has been a real lifesaver, and I’m so, so glad I’ve kept it up.  The best thing it’s done for me has been to remind me constantly that I’m not alone in what I’m going through, and I’m incredibly grateful to have found friendship, gotten good advice, and had a reason to keep up with writing and taking pictures!

I’ve got lots more, but I’ll keep them for myself, as the list is plenty long already and it doesn’t really do much good to tell other people what is wonderful about my particular life.  What’s most important is to take some time for yourself and recognize all the amazing things that are happening to you and around you, and to be grateful for them.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!



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