Weird Day

Originally, I was thinking to myself “I’m having a bad day.”  The type of bad day where it suddenly dawns on you that this is one of those bad days that happens in the beginning of romantic comedies, where the main character is running late, gets electrocuted by her hairdryer, spills cereal and milk all over the couch, and then runs into her newly-ex boyfriend while she’s springing down the street with one shoe on, staticky hair, and cheerios stuck to her bum.

Only mine was a lot more boring than that.  Mine started by realizing that they start construction at 7:30 am in this apartment complex.  They’re redoing the garden of where I live, and also probably some other things, because by the sound of it they were trying to drill upwards into my bathroom.  As I took a shower.  I could hear men’s voices echoing up through the pipe and was a little more than slightly worried that if their voices carried so well, maybe so did their vision.  I would have waited until the drilling stopped to shower, but I was afraid that the backhoe right outside my bedroom window was going to make a wrong move and I’d rather be showered and wearing clothes if the construction workers accidentally (and literally) break into my apartment.

It was just one of those dumb days when the mousse falls off your hand onto the bathroom floor before it makes it into your hair, and then you bang the back of your head on the sink when you straighten up.

So I decided I needed some breakfast, and was peeking into the fridge when the backhoe “bucket,” or whatever they call the thing on the end of the arm, swings within a foot of my kitchen window, and freaks me out so much I actually run from the room.  So, peeking between the blinds of my bedroom, I realize it was because they were trying to knock down the railing (around the outside stairs to the basement)…with the backhoe.  One bar at a time.

I think they’re just having fun.

PS: I wrote this in the morning, and they jackhammered and backhoed all day long just under my windows, but they moved at the end of the day, so I’m hoping they’ve done what they have to do.  Otherwise I have no choice but to go out exploring tomorrow just to get away from it all!


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