Close Call

As I was in bed, just about falling asleep, I remembered that I did not blog today! So, with 24 minutes to spare, I let the bright laptop light assault my eyes, just for you guys!

I wanted to touch upon something kind of huge that happened yesterday.  I got a Danish personnummer!  It’s sort of like a social security number, only not nearly as secret.  Andreas decided to take off early so we could go to the office together (since he had to go too, to move his address back to Denmark from Sweden).  The nearest office was only about a 10 minute walk away, but when we arrived, we were informed that only one office in Copenhagen handles “moving-in” so we scooted off to the bus stop and were lucky enough to make it to the central office pretty quickly.  The wait wasn’t long, and while there was a hiccup in putting in the data, everything went smoothly.  It didn’t feel hard-won or difficult.  It felt really easy.

I thought I might get a packet…something like “Welcome to Denmark, Foreigner!” but I only got a piece of paper with my personnummer on it, that I can use until I get the actual card.  This (I think) means I can do all sorts of official things now, like get a bank account, sign up for language courses, etc.  Now, I haven’t done any of those things yet (I’ll figure them out with Andreas as we get to them) but it’s still exciting that I CAN!

In other news, the construction workers managed to flood my kitchen today (which resulted in a short circuit and turned off all the power in my apartment).  Luckily, I’m not completely helpless (sometimes), so I was able to sop up the mess, figure out which socket was shorting and turn the power back on myself.  The fact that I couldn’t watch Netflix unless I fixed it was motivation enough.



5 thoughts on “Close Call

    • Congratulations yourself! I love the thought of having a little cottage in the countryside. I hope the renovations go smoothly, and we get to see pictures!

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