So I dropped the ball yesterday.  I am a bit bummed that I didn’t mange to post every day (and SO close to the end!)  but I’ll live!  I promise I actually had a fairly good reason for dropping the ball.  But at least you can be assured that while I wasn’t blogging, I was definitely knitting!

We tend to keep our new apartment on the chilly side (something about saving money or energy….) and we have hardwood floors.  Now, this leads to cases of cold feet.  Fortunately for me, I have some knitters who love me and I have plenty of thick socks and even a pair of wonderful felted slippers (in green!), but Andreas, who always refused all requests for knitted socks from his mother, didn’t.  Now, this past year (and almost a half) that we’ve been married has made him pretty soft.  Either that or his feet were super cold.  Either way, he agreed to let me make him some over-socks.  Some extrabig slipperysock sort of things, and yesterday I did just that!

Andreas is modeling h2t in this picture…you can see his fingers on his knees totally match his foot-posture. Proud.

Slightly more normal photo…


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