Oh, hey there.

So I’ve been neglecting a little bit here.  It’s probably mostly because I’m lazy, and that every time I am sitting down at my computer all comfy, and think “hey! I could write that blog I’ve been wanting to write now!” my camera with the pictures I want to share is not within an arm’s reach.

It’s getting dark super early these days, and getting light late.  I’m going through a bit of a slow patch after all the excitement of moving and Thanksgiving and before all the excitement of Christmas with the in-laws, starting Danish classes, and my planned trip to Sweden with a friend from college.  Right now, the days are short (made shorter by the fact that I can’t seem to heave my butt out of bed before 10 am most days) and Andreas is working late to make a little extra cash, and I’ve been feeling significantly “meh.”  But it’s nothing that won’t change in a week or so, and I really don’t mind the slow pace of life right now.

Oh!  And those Danish classes I was speaking of are now all lined up!  I got an offer yesterday to choose a classtime, chose it, and was registered right away, so I officially start January 7th.  I’m starting in the fourth module (out of five) which is pretty high.  I’m excited and nervous at the same time.  I’m glad that I get to skip 36 weeks of classes (hey! Learning Danish on my own did pay off!) but also nervous that they’ve put me at way too high of a level.  I’ve never been the worst in my class at anything, and I’m afraid that’s where this is headed, but I’ll keep everyone updated.  I’m also disappointed because the only classes they had available were night classes which means I’ll still be alone at home all day, and have to go to class when Andreas gets home from work, and that I only have two, two-and-a-half-hour classes per week instead of the four, three-hour classes I would have if I was in daytime.  Hopefully after I finish this module I can move to a day class (or  better yet, have a job that means I can’t move to the day class!)  Overall, I’m just glad that things are getting started, and I’m anxious to really learn Danish (as opposed to soaking it up, I guess).

I recently made my favorite Christmassy cookies, Chocolate Crinkles, but seeing as the camera is far away, that post will have to wait.  Surprisingly, I still have almost half of them left. What’s happening to me?!

I hope everyone is having as relaxing a pre-Holiday season as I am (although hopefully a little less lonely and bored) and has exciting things to forward to!


2 thoughts on “Oh, hey there.

  1. Congratulations on your Danish class placement! I am sure you’ll do great. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and visit with your friend. Miss you, Zeta!

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