I’m back! And I’ve brought a friend…

I am completely aware of the fact that I’ve been super absent lately.  It’s not because I’ve become so busy that I don’t have time for blogging.  It’s not because I’ve been so boring that nothing worth blogging about has been happening, either!  The truth is that I’ve had a secret, and I couldn’t write here without spilling all of my beans, so all you’ve gotten is my radio silence.  Believe me, things have not been silent.

I recently stumbled upon a quote by Paulo Coelho that goes like this: “Life has a way of testing a person’s will, either by having nothing happen at all or by having everything happen at once. ”  Now…Paulo Coelho was kind of an eccentric, but boy did he sure get this one right.  I’ve spent the last year learning now to deal with life when nothing is happening.  At all.  I’ve learned to keep busy, and I’ve learned that time alone with my own thoughts isn’t the worst thing ever.  I’ve learned a whole lot about Danish, knitting, baking, and a little about computer programming, but mostly, I’ve learned about patience.

This will surely come in handy now that I’ve started hurtling down the roller coaster hill I’ve spent the past year chugging up.  In the fall, everything started happening at once.  I got my visa in October, and we moved in November.  I’ve started language classes, and had to adjust (yet again) to living in a new country.  I “touristed” Copenhagen, and took a weekend trip out to Stockholm on what felt like the coldest days all winter.  But most of all, I’ve been working on something else…

Egg in a Nest


No, it hasn’t taken me three months to finish this teeny tiny project.  But it has taken me that long grow the mini-version of the baby we’ll be having in August!  So, all of a sudden, everything is happening.  Not only does that mean that the past few months have been really overwhelming, but it also means that I find myself having everything I’ve dreamed of having for the past few years (and some things I’ve been wanting since I was about 4).  Everything isn’t perfect at the moment, we’re working through challenges, and we know there are lots more to come, but we try to keep in mind that we’ve got the important stuff: each other, our wonderful families, a place to live, enough to live on, and now, the beginnings of our own little family.  What more could we ask for? (except for a TV…a TV would be nice.)





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