Some Catching Up

Since I’ve been holding off blogging until I could spill my beans, there’s a lot I haven’t posted about here!  The biggest thing was probably when I went touristing Copenhagen, and spent the weekend in Stockholm.  A friend of mine is studying in Germany for a semester, and since he’s always been crazy about Scandinavia, he came up for a visit!

We planned this visit back in October/November.  I found out I was pregnant just after Thanksgiving, and a few weeks later realized I was going to be acting a tourist in the midst of my first trimester.  The day my friend’s flight was scheduled to arrive, I was probably the sickest I’d been.  I spent the morning hovering around the toilet until I had to leave.  Fortunately, the fresh air seems to calm me down a bit.  Unfortunately, the fresh air was also January air which was really, really cold.  The next few days, we spent exploring Copenhagen, a lot of it on foot.  I know my friend must have severely edited his list of things he wanted to see and do whilst in Copenhagen because I just couldn’t do it all, but even though we didn’t do everything it was still far too much for me.  Three days of traipsing around Copenhagen, and it was Friday night.  We were due to leave for Stockholm in a couple of hours and if my husband hadn’t been coming with us, I think I would’ve lost it.  I was exhausted.  I didn’t want to walk another step.  I didn’t want to wrap my scarf around my whole face anymore.  I didn’t want to see anything.  I wanted to curl up in a ball in my bed and SLEEP.

Stockholm was alright, but I was ridiculously exhausted.  We saw Gamlastan, which was very quaint and cute, and probably my favorite part of the trip.  However, Stockholm was even colder than Copenhagen.  The streets were icy, the wind was cutting, and I couldn’t wait to turn around and head back to the hostel when it got dark (which was, luckily for me, right around 3 or 4 pm).  The second day in Stockholm, I was so hormonally grumpy and tired that I didn’t want to do a single thing.  If it was up to me, we would have gone to the mall, and just sat for the six hours between checking out of our hostel and boarding the train back to Copenhagen.  Luckily, the boys took charge, and we ended up getting a tour of parliament (because it was free and warm in there) which was another highlight of the trip!  It felt like a field trip, and I’d really missed learning about things in that way.

The train ride back to Denmark was also surprisingly good!  We three were sitting in a little group of four seats.  On the way there, we’d had the “compartment” to ourselves, but this time a young woman around our age filled the last seat.  It turned out she was from Germany, and was extremely prone to motion sickness.  The train had poblems and delays (and kept switching direction), and for some reason, Andreas and I also got motion-sick.  I’m pretty sure mine was related to the fact that I was nauseous in general.  Anyway, we all talked and laughed together, which was a great distraction from the fact that we were holding plastic bags at the ready.  It was a good ending to the trip, being able to sit, relax, and get to know someone new!

However, I think that I’ve learned to not plan trips while pregnant.  To be fair, I wasn’t even pregnant during the planning, but in the future, I think I’ll even be more aware about planning trips if I’m thinking about maybe trying for a baby.  Even writing this little summary of a blog post about the trip and thinking about how it was has made me exhausted, but I’ll end with a couple of pictures I managed to get without frostbiting my fingers!

Little Mermaid


gamlastan 1


gamlastan 2



6 thoughts on “Some Catching Up

    • Thanks so much! I’d really love to go see Stockholm sometime when I’m not so miserable (and it’s not so cold!) 😉 It was really beautiful! I’m due around August 6th…still seems very far away!

      • A summer baby, how lovely!!!! Enjoy this precious time, I know how tired you feel so put your feet up! Stockholm is bloody cold, especially that wind!

  1. Well, not that I know from experience, but I have heard that the second trimester is easy-peasy compared to the first trimester. I’m enjoying reading your blog again!

    • Thanks! That’s what I’m hoping, although just as I was celebrating a lack of morning sickness, I was struck with a terrible cold/flu 😛 maybe next week!

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