The Second Time Around

Now that my blog is over a year old, I can really feel myself lapping the same bends.  I remember what I posted about last Valentine’s Day, and although that’s a weird feeling, it’s also super great! This is probably the longest I’ve ever stuck with a project, and I’m really proud of myself!  Although to be perfectly honest, I’m probably not as proud of myself as Andreas is of me.

This year, we’re putting off our celebration until the 15th, seeing as we have other plans for tonight, and I feel like making Valentine’s Day a big deal.  Last year’s Valentine’s Day was really low-key, which was fine, but this year I’m needing some excitement, and an excuse to bake something fun!  Every year around this time, I remember an old episode of Arthur, where everyone had the winter blues.  To cheer themselves up, they each came up with a new holiday to celebrate, and started arguing over whose was the best, but before they could decide, they realized it was almost time for Valentine’s Day!  So that’s how I always see it now, relief from the winter blues, and this year, I really need some of that.

So my real Valentine’s post will be a little late, but it’s coming!

In other news, I went for another run today for no other reason except that the only thing that sounded worse than going out in the -2 degree weather for an hour of exercise was staying inside where the jackhammer (which is attached to the arm of a backhoe, by the way) was slowly drilling its way through the concrete foundation of our apartment building just below my window into my skull and chipping away at my sanity.

PS- it’s really, really hard not to be dripping with lovey-dovey lists about why Andreas is the best person for me ever, and how great everything is right now, and how I have not just one, but one and a half Valentines this year, so please appreciate my restraint.


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