Danish Courses: Take Two!

This Wednesday, I started in my new course at Studieskolen.  The last course I took wasn’t really what I was hoping for, as you might remember from my whiney posts about it.  It was a mix of everything and had us practicing vocabulary, pronunciation, writing, reading, listening, and speaking in general.  It’s a well-rounded course, and I’m sure if you build up from knowing absolutely no Danish and go through the courses from the beginning, it makes a lot of sense, but for me, it didn’t.

Because I learned to speak by listening, speaking, reading, and writing a bit, I can get by in daily life really well.  I can have conversations, and my accent, while definitely there, is decidedly not American, and I think I can blend in pretty well.  What I can’t do very well, is write.  It’s not just the spelling, but I’m completely missing any knowledge of Danish grammar.

So I talked with my teacher from my last class, and she switched me to a class for written Danish in particular.  The first day, he did what was a review of basic sentence structures to most of the class, but for me, it was all new.  I was hurriedly scribbling notes, filing away the new vocabulary (like the Danish word for “substantive clause”) and trying to soak up as much as possible.  I felt like everything we learned was completely new to me, and I was so happy about it.

This is what I wanted.  So even though I spent hours on the homework today (and am pretty sure that I got about half of it wrong), and I’m still not finished, I’m really glad.  When I was in my last course, I would think to myself “this is what school was like?  This is awful.  Maybe I don’t like this after all.”  But today, I really felt like I was back in school, struggling a bit, challenging myself, and feeling like I was learning a ton!

Although I hope that not every class will be quite as overwhelming as Wednesday’s was, I’m so glad to be learning new things, and to feel like I’m on a track to quickly improve my Danish skills (a track I need to be on since I decided to take the big Danish test in May).

To end, here’s a picture of me sitting curled up with my homework today (I’ve missed this so much!!).  If you look closely, there’s evidence of the baby (in the form of my protruding belly) at the bottom.  I’ve got a homework buddy!



4 thoughts on “Danish Courses: Take Two!

  1. Oh good, I’m glad you were able to switch classes, I didn’t know that was a possibility. It’s much more fun taking a class when it’s somewhat challenging and it is what you need vs. what you already know. yay! So if you’ve decided to take the test in May where does that leave your trip to the US? Does the timing work out to do both?

    • I decided a few weeks ago to not go to the US. The timing does not work out (at all) to do both, so it’s not a possibility. But the rough plan is to head over in October, with our little baby, so we’ll see!

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