The Discouraging Weeks

I try, for the most part, to stay thankful.  Not really optimistic, but just in a state where I can remember everything good in my life and let if just sort of overrun all of the bad things.  But sometimes, I just sort of get swept into a strange, negative, discouraging current.

Last week was really tough for me.  It was hard to be starting a new class.  Andreas and I had separate plans almost every evening, and I knew that over the weekend, Andreas had a conference so I couldn’t be with him.  It was just overwhelming, and then came a series of silly mishaps that were frustrating at the time, but which I can’t even recall now (except that I lost my bus pass.  That’s still a bit deal).  It was just annoying enough that it put me in a sort of funk that I haven’t sorted out yet.

Danish class has been okay, but after getting back a few assignments today, I’m feeling less confident than ever about the test coming up in May, and just discouraged in general.

Times like these come and go, and I know that, and I still have about a million things to be thankful for but sometimes I just have to put on my grumpy face for a day and hope for better news the next day.


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