Andreas and I recently met a couple who have two children (around ages 3 years and 4 months or so).  It was like being a dry sponge and soaking up having-a-baby advice, and it was great!  One of the things the man advised us to do was to cut down on really any activities outside the home, because that’s what it was going to be like.

Unfortunately, I seem to be doing the opposite…

Although that’s not hard to understand, as my former list of extra-curricular activities was limited to: go see my sister-in-law and her baby every once in a while.

But today after Danish class, a couple of the girls and I decided to go for some ice cream!  One of them ended up not being able to come, but the other girl and I still went.  We bought some ice cream from a place just off of Kongens Nytorv, then walked down Strøget while we ate, stopping at H&M to get a maternity tank top (did I mention it was hot today?) and then, after she caught her train at Nørreport Station, I decided to walk a little further.  And a little further.  And a little further…until I ended up walking the whole way home!  It was no heroic feat (it took about an hour) but unfortunately, I ended up with a blister on the bottom of my foot, which I didn’t notice until I’d already gotten home (otherwise, I’d have just taken the bus).

Andreas also had badminton on Wednesday, and just as I was starting to make dinner, he called and said he and his colleagues were going out for Thai food, and did I want to come meet him there?  I recently made a goal to change my reflex of saying “no thanks” when people ask me if I want to do something/have something etc. so, keeping that in mind, I said “sure!” and immediately left and hopped on a bus to join them.  I was, of course, a bit shy and nervous, but it was lovely to do something spontaneously.  Actually, the loveliest part about it was probably that, since I didn’t know I was going to go, I didn’t have to spend all day worrying about it!

These two little events give me a bit of hope that I will someday have what seems like a pretty normal (un-lonely) life here in Copenhagen.  Andreas and I have also decided to try out a board-game meetup group, which I’m excited about!  It’s international, so I’m guessing my Danish won’t get much of a workout, but I’m really excited to meet some new people and to play some games again!!  I love Settlers of Catan as much as the next person (okay, probably a lot more than the “next person”) but I’d love to try some new ones, or go back to some old favorites that I haven’t played since college.  I think it would also be really nice to have something “extra-curricular”-y to do with Andreas!

We recently talked about how we’ve been feeling a bit “meh” on weekends lately.  It’s nice to relax, and stay home for the most part, but we’ve fallen into a rut of “what should we do: Read out loud together, watch something on Netflix, or just be on our computers?”  So we’ve decided to make at least one “plan” every weekend.  It doesn’t have to be going out, necessarily, but has to be something that we do together, without our focus on something else (for example: the tv).  This weekend, we’re already heading off to a picnic tomorrow with some other Baha’is, and then to Sweden on Sunday (I get to meet with my old knitting group, and we’ll visit my sister-in-law!), and next weekend, we plan to make donuts!  We’re also going to see if we can coerce another sister-in-law of mine to come with her husband and help us eat them, but as they’re normal people, they might already be busy on the weekend.  Regardless, I’m already excited (I’ve been wanting to make homemade donuts again for ages, you guys) and really happy with how Andreas and I decided together to fix our “meh” problem.

Tomorrow is June 1st!  Let’s see if I can start this photo-a-day thing up again!


5 thoughts on “Spontaneity

  1. Sounds like some fun! It’s true that you won’t be able to do some of the same outside activities after having a baby, but that’s no reason to cut down now, you must enjoy them while you can! Soon if someone asks you out for a spontaneous dinner it won’t be a simple thing to say yes and just go. Funny, Saffron and I were just talking about your homemade donuts a few days ago 🙂 I wish I was there to enjoy some!! Perhaps some day I’ll make some when Naren’s family is gathered, since I surely do not want to eat too many by myself!!

    • Haha, that was my thinking too (about the donuts)…although I’m pretty set on making them no matter what, so if I have to eat almost all of them…that’s just a burden I’ll have to bear 😉

  2. Don’t cut down on your activities! My bug is 9 months and the only things we cut out were night time excursions, like going to concerts (although we’ve gone to day-time, outdoors concerts). Everything else we’ve managed with a baby–my going to Zumba, going out for ice cream or dinner, going to cook outs, etc. When your sweet one arrives, you’ll figure out what works for your family at any given time.

    • 🙂 We kind of laughed when we got that advice, since we hardly ever go out to begin with…and anything we do end up doing could only be improved with the addition of a cutie baby, in my opinion! Thanks for the boost!

  3. I used to be always saying no thanks to things back in California but then I realized when I moved you had to say yes when the chance came to do something otherwise it could be ages before the opportunity came again!

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