Pictures as Promised

So I promised a while ago that my next post would have pictures!  No wonder it took me so long to get around to actually posting this…

A quick update: I’ve been busy!  Not like working-during-finals-week-and-packing-and-moving-all-at-the-same-time busy, but still busy.  We’ve been pretty social (well, social for us anyway) and went to a gaming meetup, I’ve had doctors appointments, and I got to see my sister-in-law and her wonderfully cuddly daughter a couple of times.  We also have birth class, and still a good bit of shopping to do for the baby!  I was planning on taking it easy and relaxing for today, since the weekend will be busy with seeing Andreas’s family, making buns for my niece’s party, and then the party itself, but they decided to jackhammer all day long in the courtyard, and it’s driving me insane, so as soon as the laundry is done, I’m hanging it up and going out shopping.  Anyway, I’ve still been rather bad at taking photos, but I’ll share a few that I have!

Blog 9

We made donuts again!  I’d been wanting to for ages, but didn’t want to end up eating them all myself, so we waited until we got together with Andreas’s family, and could share.  We made them thicker than we normally would, and they turned out delightfully puffy and biiiiiig!  It only made 15 or so this way, so we didn’t even have any leftovers, which is a blessing because they’re much, much nicer the first day anyway.

Blog 8


Here’s Andreas being cute and frying donuts.  I insisted he needed some new shorts, and convinced him to get the kind that roll up a little bit.  I’ve been pretty satisfied recently about the gradual changes I instituted into his wardrobe (lots of stripey shirts, and pants that fit, and are a bit skinny instead of all saggy-baggy-butt.).  He even admitted he likes his clothes a lot more these days.

Blog 7


This is my view.  And yes, it’s almost always stripes.  For some reason, the majority of H&Ms maternity clothes are ALL stripes.  Of course, I’m not complaining, because I’m the biggest stripe-fan I know.

Blog 5

Blog 4


We also made spanakopita again recently!  With frozen phyllo dough, it’s actually really easy.  I accidentally cut the strips to the wrong size, so we ended up making some triangley pockets and the rest into a loaf-sized spanakopita pie, which was just as delicious.

Blog 2

Those…well, those are Mud Hen Bars, and they are awesome.  I used to make them for the parties my Spanish class would have (not sure exactly why they were on the list, since we usually had Latin American-ish food, and they don’t seem particularly Latin American to me, but they’re delicious, so I never questioned it).  I had all the ingredients, and decided to go for it (in half-recipe form as I almost always do these days) and was I ever glad I did!

Blog 1

This was a pretty standard dinner of potato kugel, sauteed zucchini, cheddar cheese, and some fresh tomatoes.  It reminded me so much of home, though that I couldn’t help but take a photo.


That’s about all I’ve got for now!  The heartburn has been attacking big-time lately, which makes it hard to sleep, and when it’s not heartburn, it’s plain old insomnia and/or early hours construction work, so I’ve been really, really, really tired.  But I hear it’s all par for the course, and I try my best to just get on with things.  After this weekend, I think things will slow down for a bit, so I can slowly get more baby things together, relax a bit, and maybe take more naps!

It actually seems as though the jackhammering has been finished while I took the time to post this, so maybe even a short nap before meeting Andreas for some shopping.  That way I can possibly (possibly) stay awake for a game of Settlers tonight, as Andreas’s sister is staying with us over the weekend!




And … Breathe Out

I did it!

I passed my Danish test, with two tens and a twelve, good enough to be able to move on to the university-prep Danish class!  I still feel like it could hardly be over already, but I’m so, so relieved that it is.  The oral exam went well.  Better than I expected, although I came close to getting a lower grade because of my pronunciation of the weird Danish vowels (especially “ø”).  But I got my ten, and all is well!

I’m pretty sure I feel even more relief than I did when my finals were over in college.  Now all I have to do is get ready for the baby, and wait!

But I was thinking today how grateful I am for the Danish classes I had.  They were free (paid for by the state) and I learned so, so much in the five months that I was enrolled.  In the last class I was in, especially, I felt like I really made friends, and even though we might not stay really close, it gave me a taste of what having a normal life here was like.  I know it’ll happen someday, and having a glimpse into it now was really encouraging!  And who knows? Maybe we will stay friends!

There isn’t so much other news, since I’ve mostly been worrying about and preparing for my exam.  We’re starting to get more ready for the baby, taking a trip to IKEA, buying some cloth diapers (both the wiping-up-spit-up and the actually-used-for-diapers kinds) and starting to check things off of the “baby list”

I also made dirt cake, which is kind of a big deal.  Andreas said he probably wouldn’t eat much of it, since last time he tried it, he didn’t like it.  I held back my horrified gasp, and made half a recipe (which is a good idea, even if he was planning on eating a lot of it) and when he had his taste, he couldn’t get enough.  Unfortunately (or rather, fortunately, for me) he has allergies, and I made it with regular milk and cream, since he wasn’t planning on indulging, so he can’t have much.  But I can.  And it’s great.  When I got home from my test today, I let myself eat as much of it as I felt like! (which was two servings)!

So now that I’m finished with my Danish classes, I’m trying to make sure I organize my life a little bit more.  I’m going to try going to an international parents’ group I found on meetup (they have a coffee get-together every week for pregnant women and new parents), and I also found a knitting group that meets in a baby thrift store which I’m working up the nerve to try to go to.  I also have a half-finished puzzle on the coffee table.  The goal is to finish it before the baby comes, but what I didn’t consider when I started it is that it’s a lot harder to bend over/sit on the floor/reach the coffee table in general when you’re heavily pregnant.  But I can’t just leave it half finished or *gasp* take what I’ve done apart, so I’d best get to work on it!

In regards to photo-a-day June…well, on the afternoon of June 1st, I looked to see what the day’s topic was.  It was “morning.”  Seriously?  On the first day?  That didn’t bode well, and I haven’t really done much of it, but I have been more conscious about taking some pictures, so I’ll make sure to include some in my next post (I promise!!).  I would include a couple this time but…you know…I’m already sitting down, and my camera is in the other room so…you’ll just have to wait.


June 10th? Seriously?

It’s June 10th.  I can’t believe it’s already June 10th.  There’s nothing especially special about the date or anything, it just seems like all of a sudden it’s summer and not spring, and my exams are closer to being over than they are to having started, and also, my due date is in less than two months.  So there’s that.

My little sister is making her super long car trip with my parents over to Louhelen today, which reminded me that five years ago today, I was making the same trip, in the same car.  But back then, I had no idea that in just a couple of months, I’d be meeting the man I’d get to have a big ol’ crush on, fall in love with, marry, and quickly get started on a family with.  I was totally ignorant to how happy I was going to end up being, or how exciting (at times) and boring (at other times) and always really lovely our future was going to be.  I’m actually slightly secretly (well, not so secretly anymore, I guess) hoping the baby will be born on the five-year anniversary of when we met (August 11th) just because I’m a sucker for things like that.

In other, not as sentimental, news, my written exam went well.  As I explained last time, Denmark has a 12-scale grading system, which goes from -03 to 12 (-03, 00, 02(first passing grade), 04, 07, 10, and 12) and I had to get tens in both sections to go on to the university-prep level Danish class.  I got a 10 in the writing section, and a 12 in the reading-comprehension, and to be honest, I was slightly disappointed that I didn’t get a 12 in writing, because I’m that kind of nerd who was afraid of getting a four, but was secretly hoping for a 12 anyway.  But the point is that I passed with scores good enough to go on, so as long as I do well next Monday in my oral exam, I’ll be all set!

I’ve been working on my presentation, but got sick (again!) yesterday, which led to napping and not working on my presentation.  I’m back at it again, doing innumerable practice runs, and sneezing every few sentences, which throws my timing all off (it has to be two minutes long).  I’m also suffering from a constant layer of anxiety that won’t go away until next Monday at around 2 pm when I’m DONE.

The oral exam goes like this: Part One: student gives a two-minute monologue on a pre-assigned topic (mine is Crafting in Denmark- Tradition and Renewal, which sounds really boring, but was a gem in my eyes!).  Then three minutes are devoted for the examiner to ask student questions about said topic.  Part Two: Student randomly draws one of three topics (we don’t know what they are ahead of time) and is then given a couple of pictures that relate to the topic, which they have to then describe.  Then they spend the next four minutes answering questions about the topic.

It could go smoothly enough, and I’m obviously really hoping it does, but honestly I’m really freaked out about the second part, mostly.  It’s just so up to chance, and after looking at sample topics from previous years’ exams, I’m afraid of getting something like “crime and punishment in Denmark” or “surveillance” which I really don’t know how to talk about in English, let alone Danish.  So if anyone remembers, cross your fingers for me next Monday.

Anyway, the rest of June is pretty full, event-wise.  We have a non-baptism baptism to go to (basically just a baby-party, and who doesn’t like a baby-party?!), my test, Baha’i events, and in the two free-ish weekends, we have to start getting stuff ready for the baby because I can sense a panic attack right around the corner if we don’t “get on” that soon.  I think I’m beginning to feel the pressure after a recent growth spurt.  Andreas and I both felt like I stayed about the same size for a good month and a half, but we knew that a change was just around the corner, and boy were we right.  When I saw the photos from this week’s “belly picture,” I was pretty taken aback.  We don’t have any full-length mirrors in the apartment, and my view from “up above” is quite skewed, so I hadn’t realized I’d gotten quite this big:

Seven Months

Now that’s a lot of belly.  Two months to go!  Hopefully I get a bit of a break before the next growth spurt, because this guy’s getting heavy to cart around.