What Was Supposed to Be a Post About Danish Summertime

It’s July, and it’s summertime, even in Denmark!  The forecast for almost a week straight was partly sunny and at least 20 degrees!  That’s pretty exciting for around here, and I’m glad it’s not very much hotter, because I’m hot in general, pretty much all the time.

I’ve also felt like we’re busy all the time!  I thought that my niece’s party at the end of June would be the end of busy-ness for Andreas and I, basically until the arrival of the baby, but I was apparently wrong!  With a couple of Meetups a week with different groups, birthing classes, midwife visits, and of course a good amount of cooking and baking, I realized that July is just as full as June was!  Which is sort of why I haven’t posted in almost two weeks again (sorry!), but the other reason is that I’m trying not to complain too much, and some days, that’s almost all I feel like doing.

It’s weird, because I know that a year ago today, I would have thought “I don’t care about all the uncomfortable things that come with pregnancy…I just really, really want a baby!”  And if I wasn’t pregnant right now, I would have the same thoughts.  And when I really think about it now, I of course realize that it’s all worth it but…goodness gracious am I ever uncomfortable.  Besides being twenty pounds heavier than normal, and looking like a duplex (or, as Andreas so lovingly put it yesterday “a mountain”), I can tell that the baby’s running out of room.  I figured he was just floating high up, since he’s all up in my ribs all the time, but the midwife said his head is actually super far down.  Then she felt the top of my belly and told me that his butt is also quite high up.  Conclusion?  Most likely a long baby.  Should’ve guessed.

And aside from all of that, too, is the stretch marks.  I’m super embarrassed to write about this, but I felt a bit better after writing to my mom about it yesterday, so I figured, well…if I tell the whole internet, then I’ll feel THAT MUCH better.  The silly thing is, I thought I wasn’t really going to get them.  My mom didn’t get them, and neither did my sister, really.  Nor did my sister-in-law which doesn’t really have anything to do with anything except that it’s another person to be jealous of.  I also haven’t put on too much weight, so I figured that they probably wouldn’t plague me.  But they did.  And there’s actually quite a few of them.  And there’s still a month left.  They bother me a whole bunch, way more than I ever imagined they would, and while most (or all) of this is probably pregnancy-hormone-driven, it doesn’t really make me feel much better.  Andreas, however, is getting lots of practice in listening-without-coming-with-solutions-or-things-to-make-me-feel-better, and I have to say, he’s pretty much the best at it.

Another thing he’s getting really good at is helping me up when I’m sitting on the ground which, thanks to the weather and having lots of picnics, I’ve been doing a lot of.  If he’s not there to help, it’s seriously a production, and I’m pretty sure it really does a number on my dignity.

I’ve also been putting off posting this because it’s pretty much nothing but pregnancy stuff, but that’s pretty much all I’m experiencing right now, and I don’t want to stop sharing just because of that!

A small glimpse into non-pregnancy-related news: We’re having a picnic dinner when Andreas comes home from work today!  I made pasta salad (one of his favorites) and we have a cold watermelon!  Plus, I had a small collection of egg whites in the fridge that needed to be used, so I made angel food cake (plus, of course, lemon curd because I had a couple of yolks left over after supplementing the whites) and I’m going to try to find some fresh Danish strawberries, and bring those along as well.

In closing: you know that thing where you stand in a doorway and press the backs of your hands really hard against the doorframe for like 30 seconds, and then step out, and your arms float up?  I’m pretty sure the baby’s doing that, except instead of hands, it’s feet, and instead of a doorframe, it’s my right hip bone and my left ribcage.

And for a touch of color:

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6 thoughts on “What Was Supposed to Be a Post About Danish Summertime

  1. I LOVE reading your pregnancy updates 🙂 and yeah, no matter how much you want to be pregnant and want to have a baby, it can be pretty darn uncomfortable! You look so cute, love that dress! Be happy you are only carrying 20 extra pounds, I was up by about 50 at that point, hehe. That stinks about the stretch marks. Perhaps they’ll fade. I checked and I do have marks, but they are mostly colorless. The picnic sounds like fun!

  2. You are too adorable as a pregnant woman. And I feel your pain about stretch marks. My baby is 10 months and while you can still see my marks, they are almost all colorless already. I feel confident that within a year or so they’ll be even harder to notice. So don’t worry! They are a letdown but they’re a badge of motherhood! (and no one else really pays attention because they all have them too!)

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