The Grumpus

I didn’t do photo of the day today.  Partly because I was lazy, partly because I was tired, and partly because I was busy being a grumpus.  The prompt of the day was “fast,” and let me tell you something…right now, nothing seems fast.  Everything is moving at a snail’s pace, and I, for one, am dissatisfied.

I’m a week “overdue” and while I know it’s perfectly normal to give birth in the two weeks after a due date, that doesn’t make it easier to wait out.  It doesn’t make it any more comfortable, and it doesn’t stop me from comparing myself to every other pregnant person who has given birth before they were a week overdue (or of being really, really jealous of them).

I’m being a big fat grumpus. (Literally.)

I got a chirpy email from one of those baby websites you sign up for, informing me that my baby was a week old.  I closed it and grumbled, “Is not.”

I had frequent, uncomfortable Braxton-Hicks ALL DAY.  Until now.  When they just…vanished.

I’m grumpy about how difficult it is to do the laundry.  How hard it is to load the bottom rack in the dishwasher, turn over in bed, and how often I have to pee (and how laughably slowly it comes out).

And all this probably makes the baby want to just stay in there, because who wants to be born to a great big grumpus?

So: No.  I didn’t miss today’s daily photo because I was busy having a baby.  I missed it because I was being a baby about not having a baby yet.


10 thoughts on “The Grumpus

    • Haha! I probably make it sound slightly worse than it is 😉 but only because it’s so frustrating! I thought all that waiting-for-a-visa stuff would’ve buffed up my patience levels, but I guess not!!

  1. I hear you, any time past the due date is frustrating! You are totally allowed to be a big grumpus! Good luck with everything and I hope your baby comes sooner rather than later for you both. 🙂

    • Thanks, and we hope it’s sooner too!!! My husband is just recovered from a bout of food poisoning, so we’re hoping baby picks up on the fact that now would be a fine time to get things started!

    • I’ll try, but sometimes that makes me feel even MORE discouraged! Will hopefully make it out for a walk before it starts raining today…maybe that’ll get something started…

  2. Aw man. Sending good vibes to you and fam. I was two weeks late and my mom marched over to the doc’s office, knocked on the door and refused to leave until she delivered. 28 years old and she doesn’t let me forget it. Go ahead, indulge the crap outta things…

    • Haha! I’m hoping I forget all about this just like they say you forget about labor 😉

      And indulging, I’m definitely doing. “You’re eating ice cream with your apple crisp for breakfast?” “Yes. Because I’m still pregnant.”

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