The Interrupter

So, since October 1st, I’ve tried valiantly several times to write a blog post.  Actually, that’s inaccurate, since I only thought it was October 1st, but it was actually already the second.

I tried writing about this time last year, and how I had just gotten my Danish residence permit and was overjoyed–about the fact that the wait was over, that we’d have our own place, and that eventually we’d get to try for a baby (our Theo, though we didn’t know it at the time).  I tried to write about the Danish and American pregnancy/baby advice, and how different it is.  I tried writing just a quick update.  Heck, I even had this window open with just the title for several hours before I’ve finally gotten this far.

I have never been interrupted so often.  I knew things wouldn’t be the same during my long days at home, but I really get it now.  I’m pretty much not allowed to finish anything until Andreas gets home, and then, only the most important of things.

But my interrupter is cute, so I can’t mind too much.  Here’s to hoping he’ll let me get my packing done because we leave for the US in NINE DAYS!


6 thoughts on “The Interrupter

  1. I found your blog through our mutual blogging friend Allison. I just had to agree that your interrupter is absolutely adorable! Safe travels to the U.S. – I look forward to reading more about your life as an expat!

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