Some Other Things

I feel like I need to remind people (including myself) that I do still do some things other than having emotional baby-related breakdowns, and talking about babies.  One of them is knitting!  I was able to get some done recently, which was really great!  While in the US, I managed five baby hats, a dress for a sock monkey, and a couple dresses for my mom’s doll (whose name is Bella Button!).  I only managed to take a picture of the doll though…

Bella Button

Since then, I got to make my niece’s first-birthday gift (which I still haven’t gotten to give to her…) Also, I keep trying super hard to get it to turn, but for some reason it uploads it this way, and I can’t figure it out so…just tilt your head.


I also realized that Theo had suddenly outgrown all of his hats at once, so I whipped this up during a rare, long naptime:


That’s what my needles and I have been up to!

Other things are going well.  I’ve gotten out three times already this week (so I hit my goal!) and as a bonus, I’ve also worked out three times (yes, five-minute ab workout videos on youtube count.)! Whoo!  What we really need to work on is bedtime.  Theo has never liked evenings, and we still really struggle with bedtime.  We keep the lights low, the playing low-key, and we even have a bedtime routine we’ve been following for a long time, but if it’s after 5 pm, he doesn’t want to sleep.  Not even if it’s a power nap, and if he accidentally does fall asleep, it’s for a half hour ONLY.  Anything longer than that is unacceptable.  We’ve tried tons of different things, and each failed experiment ends with us making a new plan for the next day.  I dread the day we run out of new plans, but I just hope we’ll find something that works before that day comes!

Edit: I just realized this entire post was also pretty much talking about babies and baby things.  Oh well.  That’s just how it is now!


4 thoughts on “Some Other Things

  1. Aw, that pink sweater is adorable!! But not as adorable as Theo 😉 If it makes you feel any better I looked back at Talisa’s updates and when she was 4/5 months old she would take a half hour nap around 7 or 8pm and then be awake until about midnight. Then again, that might only make you feel better if she was a good sleeper now LOL But she DID start going to sleep earlier after awhile.

    • Hahaha, that’s what I thought as soon as I read that…”Uhhhhh…I don’t know if that makes me feel better” heehee. We can still hope…

    • You could totally learn, but you’re right, it does take a bit (lot) of patience. Too bad London’s a bit too far away to hold knitting group 😉

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