Yesterday in the Life of Us

So, I’m still working on the birth story, but just thought I’d share this in the meantime: a slightly long-winded recap of my yesterday.

Yesterday, in the Life of Me

I woke up at 8:30 for the day, but that’s not really when my day began.  It began at 3 am to feed Theo.  I put him back to bed, but he just laid there and kind of groaned and grunted and didn’t go back to sleep–so I presumed a poo was imminent.  I was right.  So after a diaper change (and helping him squeeze the rest out), I put him back down around 4:30, and after a little chat with himself, he fell asleep.  But I didn’t.  Because the day before I had walked through a graveyard, and the evening before, I had read that someone with a baby Theo’s age had suffered the loss of her husband, and I couldn’t stop morbid, awful thoughts from roaming my brain until 5:30 when sleep won out.  For a little while.  Because by then, Andreas started snoring.  And not like…snoring, so I could wake him up and he would stop and I could go back to sleep.  He would snore twice, and then not snore for like half an hour, and then snore three times, and stop for twenty minutes.

So I slept on-and-off until 8:30 when I begrudgingly opened the curtains and got Theodore up to eat.  Usually after he eats, he plays in bed and lets me check Facebook on the Kindle so I can have a little wake-up time, but today, he was a grump from the start.  So we got up and went to play in the living room, while I did my workout.  Then I needed a quick shower, and though I usually bring Theo into the bathroom with me to sit in his little baby-seat so I can keep an eye on him, he seemed okay playing in the living room, so I put on some Curious George (in case he got bored of the toybox) and ran off to the shower.  There were some grumpy shrieks, but we made it through.

Unfortunately, Theo was tired of solo-playtime by this time, and we had to leave in about half an hour (for my international mothers’ group),.  So I did my best to keep him happy while I ate breakfast (which didn’t work, since all he really wanted was to also eat my breakfast), combed my hair, put a bit of makeup on, and got dressed.  I had decided to walk into town today, since his naptime fell at a time where, if I let him sleep, we couldn’t really make it to group.  I also figured that it would take about an hour to get there, and since he usually sleeps longer if he’s in the carriage, I thought it would fit perfectly, and getting an hour-long nap out of Theo would be wonderful!  However, he was super grumpy by this time, as it was about time for his nap, but we weren’t quite ready to go.  He promptly spit up all over my pants (and I noticed that in my hurry to brush my teeth, I’d spilled toothpaste on my shirt), so I changed my clothes, then noticed I had to change his pants.  I hurried back to the living room, as we were running late at this point, and hit my leg on the foot of the bed so hard that I had to sit down and just cry for a second.  I got Theo all wrapped up for wintertime, and got the carriage down the steps and we got on our way, but not before I’d just gotten so fed up with everything (and Theo’s constant whines and yells) that I lost a bit of my temper and scolded the morning in general.

I had decided to take a route I’ve never taken before, and was glad I did, as the road was much nicer than the one I might usually take, but when I got about halfway there, I encountered heavy construction, and couldn’t see how I could get through–so I detoured, and detoured, and got lost, and detoured a little bit more.  I ended up wandering for 10 minutes in a little gated apartment complex, that had one ungated entrance/exit (WHY?!).  When I finally found my way out, I was super delayed, and despite the fact that I was out in public, couldn’t help but let a few more tears out.  I considered just turning around, but decided if I was going to go through all this, I would make it to my mothers’ group.  The rest of the trip went fairly smoothly, and group was wonderful.  I was so glad that I made it all the way out, and met lots of new ladies.  Theo showed off his new rolling skills (from back to belly!) and I shared how excited I was about his first tooth with people who actually also care about things like a hint of a bottom left tooth.  Around one, it was definitely time to go, so we made our way home.  A couple minutes’ walk knocked Theo out, and thankfully this time he stayed asleep!  I took the normal (uglier) walk back home, and after an hour, we were nearly there.  But in the middle of a crosswalk, what should happen but one of the wheels to the carriage falls off!  I trip on it, the carriage tips dangerously (thank goodness Theo stayed safe! Although of course, he woke up) and I grab the wheel and hurry to the other side of the street where I put the wheel back on (but not securely, as it’s broken and just sitting on the axel).  I stopped at the supermarket to buy chocolate and fruit (because I felt I deserved it) and walked the rest of the way home (the wheel coming off one more time, this time thankfully not in the middle of the road!).

Getting home, I wanted to just collapse, but I had left the apartment in shambles, and had to tidy up.  Luckily Theo was in a better mood after his hour-long nap and after a nice feed (and cuddle!) let me get on with my business–tidying, kitchen-cleaning, and sheet-changing.  He was getting grumpy towards the end, so I made him some prune/pear/applesauce, which he enjoyed, but probably not as much as the glass of water I also offered, and after a few more grumbles, I put him down for his nap where he promptly fell asleep without a peep.  And I sat down to write this and eat M&Ms and think about making a cup of coffee, but not daring, because I fear that he’ll wake up if I do, and it’ll end up like the morning’s cup of coffee which I found almost-full on the coffee table when I got home.

Andreas came home around the same time as Theo woke up, and we spent our evening passing each other a fussy baby, while the other one of us heated up dinner, or did chores.  Finally, 8 pm rolled around, and Theo, deciding to be a golden baby again fell asleep without so much as a whine, slept until one where he woke for his pacifier and a belly pat, and slept again until 6 for a pre-breakfast, and then slept again until 9!  And that’s a mixed-bag stay-at-home-mom day.



4 thoughts on “Yesterday in the Life of Us

  1. Thanks for sharing your day, Zeta. What a mixture of ups and downs! It sounds like you guys made it through, though, and will keep making it through. I’m glad you enjoyed the international mothers’ group. It’s so nice that those groups exist here.

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